The problem that occurs when men don’t respect a woman’s vulnerability

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I’ve tried being sweet, emotional and authentic with men, showing care and “vulnerability.”  I see other women doing it. Like, I truly observe what goes on in the world.

I noticed that the average man will laugh in your face and talk about how much you LIKED him. Then when you no longer give two phucks about him because he didn’t appreciate your love and affection, here comes the reminder that you were “hurt” or sweating him.

Some level of immaturity pops up in even the best men. Women take note of this and she stops being so vulnerable and honest, or maybe she pretends stops pretending to caring so much, about a man who doesn’t seem to feel her femininity. I believe many women TRY to care MORE, because they want to connect, and try to force the care.

The problem comes when the woman then becomes fearful of being vulnerable with men there after. She believes that not showing feelings and emotions makes her “strong.”

This is the psychological story she begins to live and tell herself. She does this until she’s all the way over on the other side, exerting lots of masculine energy.

It’s very important that a woman avoid doing this, and stay tapped into her feminine energy.

So when I say what I’m about to say, know that it’s for the embetterment of all women. (I think George Bush made that word up now, and you know what they did? They put it in the dictionary.  It makes perfect sense.)

I promise you that men who don’t break bread with you are not worth your love. Men who don’t break bread think your love is a joke.

In a way, I noticed that any man who talks bad about me, was not paying my bills. Men who pay bills love me. While for some women, the man paid their bills and she was still bad. I am not talking about that kind of thing. I am talking about heart-centered people.  See what I noticed is that heart-centered men and women give their all to people without expecting much in return in investment, other than love.  And most of the people they choose to date, don’t feel invested in, and do no investing in them, in return. Not even the investment of real love.

A woman will continuously invest her heart and soul into a man who wouldn’t even invest $1,000 into her. That’s such a small amount of money to many. And not invest it, not because he doesn’t have it, but he’s just not into her like that.   You could say some men play it safe, but the truth is, at some point, we all fall in love and go all in with delight.  Not only for them, but for the joy of ourselves of wanting love to be a beautiful, romantic, EXPERIENCE.

So when a man feels a woman is not worthy of his investment of love, women are often surprised to feel so unvalued.

It’s interesting to see the unaligned value systems playing out. So many things go on. But women can end the confusion by simply understanding that men speak with their pocketbook. It has nothing to do with gold-digging. It’s just the way men are created.

It’s nature.  Men were created to give, and a woman was created to receive. When a man meets the woman of his dreams, he is quite naturally drawn to give to her.  The more a man desires a woman, the more he’s going to give her.

See some men only want a woman physically. I think for most men, initially it’s purely physical. That’s how their brains are. Often women don’t give men enough time to see past that.

There’s a lot going on in the mind of a man.  Sex is always the number one factor. It just depends on which way you have him focus…..

The men with their hand out waiting for a woman to do something for them are unconsciously wounded. he’s forgotten who he is.  Some men are kind of lost, trying to recover something, and forgets who his inner God is.

In the bible it says that you have to GIVE in order to receive.

“In the final hours with His disciples, Jesus sets a powerful example to serve one another by washing their feet and gives them a new commandment to focus on love.

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35.

The book of Acts records that the early church took this teaching to heart. Believers met together in their homes to break bread, teach and worship, and they also sold their possessions and shared freely with those in need (Acts 2:45 and Acts 4:35)

The body of believers is meant to be a community, united in love, that openly blesses one another when a need arises and simply just because it can.”

The key word here is NEED. A man is supposed to provide for a woman’s NEEDS, and take note of them. In today’s society, what men value most is their money, so most men are not apt to spend money on things they don’t want.  Back in the day men went out and hunted to feed women, and animals and stock were traded as part of the dowry for their wife. So you see it’s not the money, but the VALUE system placed on the money. It’s interchangeable.  Either way, men are competitive. So if you go to an indigenous tribe somewhere, that’s not part of civilized culture, I am quite sure that they have some kind of VALUE system as to what men do for the women in that culture who they find the most valuable. I am also quite certain that men give HER more of that, than they would another woman. At the minimum regardless, all around the world, when it’s mutual, ATTENTION is the minimum requirement. How much determines the longevity and depth of the relationship.

I feel like I’m preaching a sermon right now.

So for men, they spend money where they care. The more they care about something, the more they’ll spend. Men really care about women, which is really why they drive such nice cars.  They want the pretty woman, with the pretty car, to live in a pretty house and have a pretty bank account.  Pretty is based upon the eyes of the beholder; lead by their innate dreams, goals, and desires.  It’s all about LAYERS.  Men have been building sandcastles since toddler age, preparing and manifesting to get what they want.

So men know what they want, when they find her. But are you HER when he meets you?

Anyway, you know what tithing is really all about? Teaching you to give of yourself, with the expectation of receiving something in return.

Good-hearted people often tithe and give without expecting anything in return. I think that’s really sweet, but sometimes they need to make sure they are mostly focused on exactly where and what they are investing in and with who.  Your attention has to be diversified to make sure you are benefitting in the right areas, so that you can continue to invest in your heart. You want to heavily invest in changing the world, but first you have to change your own inner world. It’s important to remember WHY you want things. If you WANT things, then it’s a must that you learn to RECEIVE the things that God has for you, and stop settling for less.

Some people have a habit of telling God, “No Thank You,” when he delivers what you asked him for. Crazy, right? I know.

Anyway, back to men who expect material things from a woman, but don’t get them, because he doesn’t have any charm, and he wants what he’s not willing to invest.

Fairly intelligent women have a difficult time respecting men who don’t value them.  Cause here is the thing. When men don’t invest in a woman, they also verbally show how unsatisfied with her they are.  They tell her something is wrong with her.  Most women rarely see it that way though.  At least high performing women. Because high performing women don’t mind getting “better.” If someone says they need to improve in an area, logically, if it appears beneficial to her, she will make the change.

The words ‘CHANGE’ and ‘IMPROVEMENT’ equal the same thing in her mind. She doesn’t believe that she’s changing who she is for a man. She believes she’s changing to become a better person.

A woman has to deeply know who she is, and what makes her happy. When it comes to good-hearted women, they are so willing to give up the things that make them happy, in hopes of something else making them happy.

Yeah, I am definitely preaching right now.

Okay, so let’s state this clear right now. Women who feel that they value themselves and are of some high value, often don’t respect men who don’t value them. They take it personal, instead of remaining the same and respecting all persons, as a human, and not so much as a romantic partner. Relationship problems run really deep.

The expectations vastly circumference all over the place, and humans generally forget that we are all souls having a human experience.  When the right two souls match up, at the right time, they just do. Opposites do attract, but if you want anything in this life, especially something from the opposite sex, then you must first be it.

That’s really deep. But like always, everything starts from within. There’s layers.  The outer problem is just a notification to go look at the root cause and handle that.

Men and women both do these things to themselves. Seeing as to how not everyone is woke, aware, conscious, enlightened, emotionally intelligent, expressive, and having great communication skills, it’s so easy for a man to maintain his dignity and not deal with women of whom he doesn’t value enough to GIVE to her.   And I suppose it would actually be okay with a woman to be okay with being single, until she becomes her own dream woman.

Until a woman becomes who she is called to be, she won’t be able to value herself on the level of her romantic desires. This other thing about women, is that often women have VERY strong, see into the future type of vision. So you can see where a man IS going to go once he’s activated.  So you often try to be the one to activate him, cause it would seem like common sense to do. But you can’t look at a man like that, because it stops you from receiving from him.  That’s really sweet, and really cute, and it could be REALLY fun. If only you know HOW to activate him.  You’re definitely not going to do it by trying to build a bear. Some women have built giant bears. It totally worked out for her, thus far. Mostly because her man had the same vision in his heart.

We as women can put men down a lot. But I believe that most men have a King in him. Men do be on one, but the deepest truth is that most women don’t inspire men to King status.  Some women speak to the King in a man, before he’s ready to be King.  A woman must know her goals and dreams at all times, and stay on her own timeline.

All too often women hop off their own timeline, and onto that man’s time and get lost.  It’s much smarter for a man to be on your timeline.

My blue nails with crystals are so sparkly right now.  I would show them off, but they feel kind of short to me, but I can type much faster at this length.

Many women look at a man as a baby King, instead of the Big King.  You have to be willing to look at a man as able, willing and capable of being the executive VIP CEO of your fan club, and being Daddy,  right now.

You have to believe in your man at a deeper level. (If you don’t have an enlightened relationship coach, don’t try to figure that out on your own. There’s levels to this ish.)

Strong, heart-centered, boss women have ZERO respect for men who don’t show up with a heart like hers. Like I said, she takes it personally, instead of holding boundaries and accepting that it’s simply not a match. Humans and the ego…..

For most boss chicks, her love language is gifts. She gives men gifts. 🎁 It’s quite natural. It feels unnatural to be with a man who doesn’t give to her, and she’s confused as to why she’s not happy with that direction. Women often forget that they are the ones in control.  It’s definitely easier to blame men though, because men play their part too. Women just so happen to mostly want love, while most men just want FUN.

When a woman doesn’t realize it’s she who is allowing and accepting a certain behavior, she often becomes frustrated and harbors resentment towards the man.  And if she’s bitter, it becomes men in general.

Most men aren’t able to see the deeper perspective playing out on the chess board, so they focus more on the word “gold digger” and seeing “giving” related to that term, instead of being honest about what VALUE is.

See, most men get their idea of what he is to do for a woman based upon women whose value system is based upon not understanding high value men. High value men and high value people in general think of themselves a certain way.  Your idea of a high value man, gives you what you want. HIS idea of a high value woman, is the woman that he will do anything for.  Some men say they are willing to do EVERYTHING for a woman who asks for nothing.

And you can listen to that if you want to. However, that doesn’t work out for MOST women.  And here is why.

In the bible it says:

john-16-24-2 ask and it is given


If you believe in God, and you like want to date a God King, and seeing as to how God told you to ask him for anything and you shall receive, shouldn’t a man, who is your God King, want you to ask him for what you need and be the one to give it to you? Ohhhhh. That sounds so hot doesn’t it. Like really hot! (If you know relationship coach Britney Taylor from Canada. You have to say “hot” in her voice.  I absolutely love how she says “hot.” Personally I think that should be her trademark on her video intro. Or maybe that’s what source wants me to tell her. I don’t know. I am just typing.)

See the deeper a woman is into THE WORD, and being her authentic self, the more she desires a man who shows up as King.  Every woman who ever pictured a King, pictured a man that she was receiving from.  At least the heterosexual ones.  Everything about a woman was made to receive from a man.  She is to receive the warmth of his body, his firmness, his essence, his spirit, his touch, his feel, his kisses, his heart, his soul, his everything. See how I left money out? I did that because that’s what some people do.  They separate their love from their money.  That could be considered smart, in many ways. However LOVE is money. Money is also love. The more you love yourself, the more money you have.

Everyone in the world gets the amount of money that they feel they are worth, doing the work for. And the WORK is whatever their soul is supposed to do.

Some people think we get to what we are paid for. But the truth is we get paid to do what we do.

The more value a woman has for herself, the less WORK she believes that she has to DO, in order to get what she wants. The more in her divine feminine energy a woman is the more she feels worthy of breathing in abundance.

Women who are not tapped into that energy, believe in DOING. Most boss chicks HEAVILY believe in doing.

But let me give you an example of how a woman wouldn’t believe heavily in DOING.

I can walk into ANY room and even if the men in the room are billionaires, most heads will turn. The room will momentarily go silent. Slowly men will start standing in line to talk to me.

I magnetize to me, men who believe in doing. I stand still and greet their masculine energy.  This allows alpha men to naturally be themselves. They are comfortable doing and exerting energy.

An average woman has no such power, perhaps by her own fault, perhaps life ain’t fair. I don’t know. She then gives that faulty information to men.  Approaching the average woman, vs approaching a high value woman is the difference between an apartment and a penthouse condo. They are both living spaces, but one, despite what your argument could be, one has a high value in the economy.

The mistake is trying to lump every woman into one category.  25 cents doesn’t go into a dime, without subtracting. But a dime goes into a quarter at least two times. See everything is about adding and multiplication. It’s how nature works, like the Fibonacci sequence.

You have to know what kind of man you are and what kind of woman that’s going to get you. An apple seed planted, nets an apple tree. You 100 percent can not get an orange tree from an apple seed. The laws of nature are locked in.

If you behave basic, you’ll attract basic women. If you are Chris Brown who changes women’s lives and puts them on top, then you Sir will attract ALL of the baddest chicks who WANT something out of life.  (We’re not going all deep into that man’s personal life. We are sticking to the perspective.)

Some men who I believe to be high value, stay on basic stuff, because women who value themselves make him uncomfortable.  So he finds himself attempting to build empires with a woman who can care less about how hard he works to make the moves he makes. Women who don’t want a life of luxury, don’t have the vision capacity to support a high value man’s huge goals and dreams.

See the average man’s mistake is thinking it’s about his money. It’s about HIS money already. But not the way he thinks. See a man loses money when he invests in the wrong woman who isn’t down for him and his vision.  He also forfeits money, by not investing in the right woman. So see that could be seen as a loss too.  A man really has to not let his hormones control his thinking, and really step into the game of chess and see it at a deeper level.

That’s a lot of thought. So the good thing is, the directions are already clearly written out in the bible. Yet, people insist on doing it another way, to get what they BELIEVE will work best for THEM. Yet, they want the RESULT that’s already said to manifest guaranteed, if you follow a certain strategy in the bible.  Crazy how most don’t see that the bible has great, time-tested, proven strategies for life.

So each man should probably stop blaming women, because HE DECIDED to settle for less and NOT get the best.

Some men be thinking they are doing so much, because they have money. But darling you will NEVER out perform Beyoncé. You just can’t. A Goddess is the top. In chess there is both a King and a Queen. The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board; because there is a King on the board.  She’s most powerful all by herself, but together with a King she gets someone to match her VISION.  A King’s vision gets amplified and manifested faster when he aligns with a Queen.

when two agree bible mathew

God wanted man and woman to get along, so he hid a man’s greatest blessings inside of a woman. Therefore a man gets from a woman what he invests in her.  Some investments will turn into air balls. Some will soar, and go straight in the hole; a clean shot.  Others will bounce around the rim, and it might go in and it might not.

I do be talking mad greasy, but men do need to learn to bow the phuck down to the Queen. That is, if you want her to bow to you.  Like I said, the laws of nature are pretty solid.

That’s how this works, IF you want to build an empire. 🤷🏼‍♀️ God already told y’all. But you miss reading the Bible, cause it’s RELIGION as you call it.

A Proverbs 31 Wife, is a boss chick. She’s an embodied Goddess. Now you know. 😍✌️

proverbs 31 wife understanding description bible

P.S. Women are defenseless to not be in her emotions. If you don’t allow her to express that vulnerability it makes her start thinking and acting masculine.  Of course you can’t “make” a woman do anything. But it’s good to be aware of the possible CAUSE of so many women operating heavily in the masculine.  Men will also notice that women whose emotions they treat with kindness, and naturally a lot nicer to them.

The more you listen to a woman and honor a woman’s emotions, the more she smiles.  What’s so beautiful is THIS actually applies to men too. The more a woman respects and honors a man’s emotions, and his need to protect his ego, the more he will smile.

Love is such a beautiful thing, when two people do the work.