MEN: Please STOP worrying about how much money a woman has

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MEN: Please STOP worrying about a woman making money. I literally AVOID ANY man who cares about my money, unless he is GIVING ME HIS MONEY.
If you want a woman to be rich so badly, and financially doing well, then give her your money.
If you’re not willing to do that, you haven’t found the right woman yet.
Stop settling for women of whom you don’t want to provide for.
Cause when you run up on a boss chick with her own money, your next complaint is that she is too masculine, and you wish women were more feminine.
She doesn’t have time to be feminine, run a business and cater to a 50/50 man at the same damn time.
God said PROVIDE. When you don’t, don’t bother getting frustrated that things aren’t working out for you.
OR how about this, ACCEPT that masculine energy woman as she is. She gets money, and she doesn’t need you. Which is also why she doesn’t listen to you.
Women listen to men who give them LOTS of money. Smart men have money to spend.
Are you smart? Do you have money to spend, or are you thinking about lack of abundance?
Love and money go hand in hand. It shouldn’t even be a topIc. LOVE should be the topic, because when you’re in love you go all in.
But what do most people do? Plan for the demise of the relationship. They have no faith. No hope. They just accept the BELIEF that relationships are messed up.
Relationships aren’t messed up. People just don’t know who and what to value, or how to keep a relationship going, because they don’t know how to CHOOSE properly.
Choose someone of whom you can birth your purpose with. That union will automatically get MORE money. Therefore the last thing a man should be worried about is giving his money to the woman he claims to love.
Stop making money your God. It’s in abundance. There is plenty more to go around, when you have businesses that bring in multiple sources of income.
But what do most men do? Collect multiple holes to stick their penis in, spending money here, spending money there. This one, that one, and nann one of those b*tches can use her MIND to multiply your business.
I thought you said you wanted a Proverbs 31 WIFE? That’s a BOSS CHICK.
And some women can multiply your business like crazy, but you’re too busy thinking about how much money SHE makes, or how much money SHE has.
A true divine feminine woman sees such a man as WEAK. SHE DOES NOT want to marry such a man.
Women want Kings. Kings break bread, therefore their relationship is FOCUSED on the things that really matter. Like LOVE and PROGRESS.
Every woman in her right mind wants a rich man. It’s the LIFESTYLE, not the money. 

Chicks ain’t trying to walk around looking fine as hell, just to mess with the dude who is shopping off the $1 menu. Come on now. Tell YOURSELF the truth. Don’t be asking a woman to be low value, lower her ambitions, needs and desires, to be fake and pretend she doesn’t want a boss. Be a boss!

 Rich people talk about IDEAS.  Marry a woman with good IDEAS. 💡
P.S. Just so you know. ALL boss chicks would ball alot harder and a lot faster if she had a supportive man in her life, who valued her for who she is, and not the money she makes. Just like you want to be loved for you, women want to be loved for themselves.

However in this world, it’s a man’s job to GIVE and it’s a woman’s job to RECEIVE. That is how you get feminine energy from a woman. 

So that whole “Women aren’t even women anymore” stuff is senseless. Of course not. That will be your belief system when you’re not being a real man. Cause here is the thing. My wealthy male clients have women lined up to date them. Those women are very feminine, cause they want to be provided for.  Wealthy men get that. But what they seek is a heart, mind, and soul that they can connect to. It’s about understanding. Not money.

Sidenote: Women have all of the money anyway.  🤣 And they’d have more if they focused only on men who provide. They’d also be a lot happier, feel more valuable and worthy of wealth.

It’s insane that men complain soooo much, but don’t have enough sense to simply go get a boss chick, treat her right, marry her, and watch pure MAGIC happen.

But don’t mind me. I’m just a real chick, that ain’t real hood. But I can most definitely bring it.

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