5 Bible Quotes That Will Help Stop Emotional Suffering

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You’re on your way. You’re going somewhere, and then boom. Here comes a cross in the road.  Not only is there a cross in the world, and you don’t know which way to go, even as you decide, there is something heavy in your path.  You decide to move that out the way, and before you can figure out how to do that, boom, something else pops up in your way.  And then there’s a third.

Usually by now, you would just keep going on, with the suffering.  Pushing, forcing, crying, and screaming your way on to the next level.  It works every time, after a while, of you tiring yourself out, and finally surrendering.

But how about trying something new? Well it’s definitely not new. Maybe new FOR YOU, but not new.   What I am about to say has been around since the beginning of time.    There is a very high chance that you’ve even heard it before.

Trust God Meme Bible Quote


Two words. Have you ever read those words before?  That’s the best thing you can do with your life.

Trust that God is leading you on the path of taking more responsibility for your life, and your decisions.

Plans, Hope, Future Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11 shows you how God is helping you birth a prosperous future and an abundant life.

Every time something comes up, YOU decide that you are going to move it your way. You push, pull, tug, and drop kick until that wall goes tumbling down. You are so tough and relentless. You’re a warrior.

Would you believe me if I told you that you be DOING too much?

God never once said you had to figure out anything by yourself. He never said he was going to send you on your mission and not help you.

phillippians 2:13 god works in you

philippians 2 13 kjv

It’s actually not your job to move blocks, bricks and obstacles out of your way.  That’s God’s job.  Your job is trust that God will remove the block for you, as you keep following the signs, dropping deeper into surrender, and  moving towards the finish line of your goal already being complete.

God’s will for your life is in your state of BEING. Not in your state of doing. In God’s eyes, it’s more important for you to be the person he called you to do. But that may prove to be difficult when you insist on doing things your way.

bible suffer fools proverbs 13:20

Which is how suffering often starts. When you’re going the wrong way. Thinking you’re going to do this, or that you HAVE to do this, all by yourself, without the help of God,  is definitely going the wrong way. Failing to trust God to lead you all the way there in the most painless way possible, is definitely going the wrong way.

Once you pick up one thought going the wrong way, it’s followed by the next thought, and the next thought. Next thing you know you’re depressed, suffering and don’t know why.  You usually come up with the thought that life isn’t fair. But if you analyze your thought pattern, you’ll notice that it was a stream of negative thoughts that brought you to that emotional destination.


Now you’re able to realize there is a blessing of a lesson in the emotional suffering.  You are going to suffer when you insist on going YOUR way, trying to follow what the world wants you to do, caving to pressures, being impatient and what not.   You know, all those things that humans do.

phillippians 2:13 god works in you

Human beings tend to learn from pain. Without it, the average human soul would not change.

The greatest change you can make today is to put more trust in God, and see him as both your conquerer and deliverer.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you had more faith? Let God walk that out for you.

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