Men Don’t Like Mediocre Women With Big Bellies & Another Man’s Kids

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Men are rude AF!  It’s amazing the kind of things I’ve heard men say. They say all kind of things that will make your mouth drop in shock.

Like how most women are mediocre, have big bellies and another man’s kids.

black men don't like single mothers

Who knew that bringing life into this world as an adult would be looked at as such a bad thing?

I mean we were warned to not get pregnant as teenagers…. (I didn’t listen. I got pregnant at 18, walked across stage, graduated with this cute little boy growing in my belly.  Giving birth to him and taking care of him as a little baby, was honestly the first time I felt real love.. But back to the blog… cause this isn’t about me personally.)

I feel that we were even warned to not have sex out of wedlock… At least in the bible we were, and some men were trained to find a husband and start a family. I am sure that many of those women divorced and now have kids.  So I guess that’s neither here nor there either.

The point being is that lately I’ve heard quite a few men online and at least one guy in person say that they don’t want women with kids.

I can get over men saying that most women are mediocre at best (Chilllllllle. How many women are in relationships right now paying half the bills for a man who thinks they are mediocre????  That’s neither here nor there either)  I can even get over saying they want women with flat stomachs.  I like my stomach flat too.. I get it.

But this whole thing of disliking women because they brought life into this world and no longer with the father…..

Are we overlooking the great responsibility of being a step-dad?  Or are these men who hate SINGLE MOTHERS emotionally incapable of actually being a good man?

Personally, I’ve never met a good man who disliked single mothers.

While some women like me, don’t give two phucks what a man has to say and knows we can attract a better man who will love us and our kids, a big portion of the population are affected by these sentiments.

How many times has a man told you that no man will want you? I’ve had clients of my Masterpiece Tribe come to be initially with low self-esteem, stuck in toxic, dead-end relationships because society has led them to believe they are invaluable in the dating market because they either have kids or have too many kids.  This is a belief system I quickly heal them from.

As women we were created to bring life into this world.  YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE KIDS. We are genetically coded to become attracted to men, mate and have children with them.  Then for many the feeling wears off, and then it’s single mother status.

Around the world, the average rate of single parenthood is 7 percent, which is under a third of the rate in the U.S. Over 80 percent of American kids in single-parent households live with their mother only—and that trend is growing.

US Has Highest Rate Of Single-Parent Households In the World

According to, “A Pew Research Center study found that in the U.S. nearly a quarter of children under the age of 18 live in a single parent household, more than any of the 130 other countries and territories they surveyed. Around the world, the average rate of single parenthood is 7 percent, which is under a third of the rate in the U.S. Over 80 percent of American kids in single-parent households live with their mother only—and that trend is growing.

One factor that seems to play into the high rates of single parent households in the U.S. is the lack of multi-generational households. Very few U.S. families live with additional family members, a common practice in other countries. The study found that only 8 percent of kids in U.S. households live with relatives like aunts, uncles and grandparents—30 percent less than the average across other countries.


“According to the study, families are able to live with fewer family members in each home because living with additional adults in the home isn’t necessary for survival. In areas with less financial growth families live together out of necessity. Everyone needs to do their part to complete chores, earn an income and provide childcare. In the United States and other areas with higher rates of single parenthood, more families are able to choose single parent life because they are able to afford it—a luxury not available to everyone.”


Despite being a woman who has given birth, I don’t want to be quick to down these men who simply don’t want single mothers. Everyone is entitled to their desires and to live the life of their dreams with whom they choose.

What I did gather from this is more evidence that men are very keen on getting EXACTLY what they want, and refuse to settle for less.  They value what they want out of life.   But the average woman will take just about anything, including a man who isn’t truly into her.

You ever dated an overweight, bald dude, a man with a big belly, an unattractive man or one with phucked up teeth?  Did he ever have gratitude for you dealing with him, or did he find things to pick on about you? Did he treat you well? Did he ball out on you and take you shopping, buy you a house, or did he waste your time like everyone else?

Men are men. It doesn’t matter how they look.  Most men actually do view women as mediocre, stupid, and unattractive without weave and make-up. Honestly they say most women are unattractive even with it.

That doesn’t mean anything though. Especially on the internet, cause these online men will literally sit in their mama’s basement, go find the baddest chick on the internet and tell her she’s not all that. And rarely are they saying that from the keyboard of a MacBook Pro.

It’s so easy to judge these men and feel that they are brutal. But the truth is that men selfishly love themselves. Something women should do more of.

In a way, the rise of these selfish men is good for women who are paying attention. Maybe some young girl won’t be so quick to open her legs and give birth to a man who doesn’t even respect her enough to marry her and provide for her.

Not to mention, having kids by a man who won’t be in history books.  No matter how men look, they still think they are so fabulous. And don’t let them make 6 figures,….. Honey chile he can be bald, fat, phucked up teeth, dressing like a bum, and he’ll swear he’s all that and a bag of chips. That’s why Kevin Samuels rose to fame so fast. He says what these men truly want to say to women….

I’ve seen such men clown women online.. But I’ve also seen women who clowned their receding hairline, big belly and everything else.  Men get to feel good about themselves even if they skip the gym for years.  All because they are a MALE apparently.

My suggestion for women: Think you’re fabulous enough to get your dream man and not settle for less TODAY, not tomorrow. No one is perfect, so don’t chase that rainbow, but at the same time don’t diminish your worth.  You’re worthy with kids or without kids.

What are your thoughts? Sidenote:  Most men ARE the wrong man.