manifest your dream life TODAY!

Hello Love, you are   greatness on top of greatness.

It’s time to take your greatness to another level.

Chances are, not many people understand you. You’ve learned success on your own.  

Joining The Manifestation Secret Garden  offers genius entrepreneurs  a high vibe/like minded support system/network of people who will not only hold your hand, but will see you and love you into becoming your highest self. 

It’s for  heart-centered geniuses who are called to  enlighten the world with our passion and gifts.

Inside you will learn how to get unbusy, eliminate overwhelm, gain clarity and DO THE WORK of building your life changing business and improving your relationship.

All while healing, operating from flow, coming into alignment and embodying your highest self.

You will quickly manifest the life of your dreams in business and relationships.  You’ll experience more joy for life, raise your vibration, make more money and begin to live in a state of gratitude.

ASCENSION is the name of the game. 

You do not have to  work hard to become highly successful and bring more sales into your business.  That’s merely a limited belief.

Having a multi-million dollar business, beautiful friendships, or a conscious relationship with a brilliant, high vibe mate who simply gets you and adores you is something you get to have RIGHT NOW, when you join The Manifestation Secret Garden. 

Get daily Motivation along with Social Media Strategy, Confidence and advanced Manifestation tips to help you live the luxury lifestyle of your dreams. 



“You’ll only get as far in life as the 5 people you spend the most time with.” ~ WILL SMITH

Being a part of a supportive group of high-vibe, like-minded entrepreneurs who  encourage you and support you in your dreams and goals is a MUST. 

I know you’re tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, constantly overthinking and deeply wanting to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Chances are, you suffer from perfectionism, procrastination, and don’t have many people around you to keep you motivated.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. God didn’t mean for you to be alone. 

Join us and get your confidence up to become a millionaire and create generational wealth. 

This is what you need to cultivate beautiful relationships, attracts high ticket clients and to simply BE HAPPY. 

It feels so good to vibrate on a higher frequency.

The Masterpiece Tribe……


Inside you will learn how to harness your gifts, create boundaries, magnetically attract your tribe online, improve your conscious communication skills, get healing, attract more love, and manifest your divine purpose.

You will make the most of your time, be productive and get things done.

Everything happens for a reason. God has better for you.  You finding this tribe is not a coincidence.


Kissy preview

Hi. I am a Divine Feminine Energy Healer for high vibrational souls who seek the next level of your spiritual transformation  with a Soulmate Coach who will guide you into rapidly manifesting the life of your dreams.

As a Prophetess, and a Master Manifestor,  I take your vision and turn it into wealth, health, love, high vibe business connections, money, and everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams.. 

My journey as a light worker started years ago after I manifested a multi-Figure writing Business, 500,000 followers, an amazing man and a luxury lifestyle.  Despite achieving massive success, that others could only dream of, I began to have this gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction. I tried really hard to be content and grateful for what I had. Yet, something kept telling me that I could do more and be more. I wanted to do something to help my followers whom I often saw lived check to check and experienced toxic relationships. There were also some things in my life that were happening outside of me, that I felt like I should have more control of. Mainly MY MONEY. I wanted to be a millionaire. But I often worried that the money would run out. I began to study the energy of money, and had a spiritual awakening right in my living room. The lights blinked and  I channeled a voice that told me that people were sleep, and it was time to wake them up.

So I tore down my life, business, and started all over. I hired multiple millionaire coaches, went to church, got baptized and came out of the water with magic powers. I started healing people’s hearts, minds and souls.  I created millionaires, became a published author, a love coach, Prophetess and  Dream Life Manifestation  Strategist.

My clients say, when I’m around money falls out of the sky.

Once I learned the secret keys to success, manifested my Dream Business, I manifested a condo in Buckhead, Atlanta in Georgia. It was always a dream of mine to live in two places at once.  I also live in Las Vegas, NV.

I went from hating to ask anyone for anything, thinking sales was icky, being a masculine woman, to opening up my portals to receive and becoming a divine feminine business woman.  Everything I launch SELLS. GOD IS GOOD!

The masterpiece tribe will increase your consciousness and provide a safe container for your expansion. 

The book that unknowingly started my journey is “Eat, Pray, Love.”  I found the book on the bathroom sink of a fancy Vegas hotel over a decade ago. I fell in love with spirituality, traveling, LOVE and God.




The Manifestation Secret Garden offers:

Amazing support

Bi-Weekly healing & strategy meetings to rapidly create the life of your dreams, one goal at a time.

Business Strategy

Authentic, Business Strategies & Marketing, Messaging and system to scale your multi-million dollar business..

Confidence & Clarity

Advanced Mindset shifts that help you develop Unstoppable Confidence.

Spiritual Connection

Establish a closer connection to God and spiritually evolve into your highest self.

people talk

I’m not here to sell you on a  membership. Instead, here are some clients who will tell you to get it together and SIGN UP.

I'm usually grossed out by fluffy Unicorn stuff, but this tribe is legit! I am actually getting sh*t done. Try it, why do I care?
melisa pamuk
product designer
So, the first time I heard of Kissy Denise I was like: what? But now I'm more like: Hell yeah, give me more of her.
marina dalmas
marketing manager
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. Especially the supportive high vibe members.
denis maceoin
music producer


Brand Strategy

Clarity, CONFIDENCE & social media strategy to build your million dollar brand.

High Vibe Tribe

Network with high vibe, attractive, wealth conscious manifestors.


Spiritual healing and ascension to embody the miracle frequency that 10x your manifestations.

Hot Seat Coaching

Get answers to your questions FAST.

Divine Feminine Healing

Healing to rewrite limited beliefs.

Relationship Coaching

Advanced techniques to manifest a high value relationship or improve your current one. This includes your sex life.


All this awesomeness could be yours to experience at an awesome price, for a limited time period.

Yearly Membership Benefits

You can go your whole life unaligned, overwhelmed, not trusting, confused, tired, drained, stuck, afraid of your own light, not having clarity, lacking strategy, not making the money you desire, not having a support system, or you can join The Masterpiece Tribe and catch a rapid shift of confidence, love, expansion, clarity and divinity.

Time Managment

Quantum Leaping Your Manifestations.

Conferences & shows

Free Tickets To Yearly conferences and seminars for conscious couples, entrepreneurs and singles all around the world. 

Business Budget

Learn how to raise your prices, manage your finances, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Increased Confidence

Imagine being confident enough to move in feminine flow and let it come to you.

Content Marketing

Learn sales skills, content creation and strategy that attracts a soul aligned audience.


Time management and productivity habits, more joy,  removing limited beliefs.  .

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have time for this?

All classes are recorded live. If you miss a class you can watch it later, by logging into the membership dashboard..

Will I get individual help with my funnels, strategy, content, business and relationship questions?

Yes, The Masterpiece Tribe is full of brilliant, successful, beautiful entrepreneurs who will support you and give you feedback, in addition to receiving Kissy’s guidance.

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Kissy Denise is lovingly known as The Goddess of Love & Motivation. Her tribe calls her The Goddess Queen. 

Kissy’s gifting is working with powerful spiritual souls to give you the miracle of energetic healing. By signing up for The Masterpiece Tribe you are setting the intention to unleash your greatness into the world. 

You can ask a million and one questions, but here is the answer. Do you want healing or nah?   Would  you like to experience better, high vibe relationships and attract your soulmate?

This isn’t your typical membership. This is a divine fraternity of fabulosity. The women rock red bottom stilettos, and the men love the finer things in life.  

Is your purpose in life to be wealthy, experience great love and get everything good this world has to offer you?

Well this is the place.

Time is money

You should never chase money, instead spend your time allowing money to chase you. That’s how you scale up your business and become FREE to devote some time to attracting the right high vibe mate. 

When your business is right you have more time for relationships.  Your business problems are deeply connected to your relationship problems.


Location is everything

A yearly conference for singles and spiritual entrepreneurs takes place in Las Vegas every year. All members of Unicorn University Tribe get free tickets to the most ground breaking conference in the world, filled with spiritual business experts and relationship experts from all around the world. Not to mention UUT is filled with the most gorgeous women in the world who believe self-care and self-development is the greatest thing on earth. 

Unicorn University Tribe isn’t just a membership. It’s a movement. 

Visit Us

Do any of these describe you?


Do you know in your heart, that God has more for you than where you are now?


You’re tired of dumbing yourself down to get along?


You are full of magic, sparkles, fairy dust and utter brilliance.


You’re tired of attracting the same low-vibe, loveless experiences.


You have a dream for your life yet struggle to manifest it?


You have a light that you are ready to share with the world?


You are a natural encourager?But stuck in your own business?


You feel overwhelmed at times with all the moving parts of running your own business, and need mentoring to learn how to be more efficient and effective…


You’re tired of doing things to please other people, cause you notice they end up slapping you in the face and telling you that you’re not good enough…


You are tired of experiencing failed relationships…


You sometimes feel stuck and don’t know what to do next…


You feel confused or unsure of the next steps to take to live your true purpose and need help navigating the journey to deeper fulfillment…


You want to stop procrastinating and get sh*t done…


You desire to help change lives while feeling deeply fulfilled, happy, and being financially abundant…

Kissy Denise Spiritual Goddess

BEING your authentic self and getting into alignment with your highest self is the fastest way to manifest the life of your dreams. 

Most business owners suffer from anxiety and are delusional thinking things will get better. But if you don’t have a system in place to consistently get clients on a monthly basis, you will continue to stay in the feast or famine cycle. 

There is usually a problem in the sales process, the offer or the delivery. 

You should already know how many clients you are going to bank next month. It should be predictable. It shouldn’t be one month is okay and the next month you know nothing.

You must get grandular on the numbers. 

If you’re putting out content and nothing is happening, that means your offer is broken. If you’re not consistently hitting at least $10K months your offer or sales process  is broken.

The Masterpiece Tribe is full of high-vibe, brilliant, wealth-conscious people who’ve figured it out, and will help you do the same.

Let me help you gain your CONFIDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY and BOSS AZZ ATTITUDE you’ve been wanting to embody forever, but were too afraid to.


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Change Your Life TODAY

Millionaire Mindset Reset

You will move out of your own way by eliminating limiting money beliefs and indoctrinating the millionaire money mindset.


Kissy offers the greatest, most healing love vortex on the planet. You will fall deeply in love with yourself. 💖

Soul Aligned Brand strategy

Get a YOUnique strategy that works specifically FOR YOU. 

Client Attraction

Strategies to attract your soulmate clients who love to buy OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 

Removal From The Matrix

Masterpiece Tribe members awaken to the beauty, joy and abundance of the world.

Take Your Time Back

Creation of systems in your business that allow you to take your valuable time back.