Why You Should Never Let Your Man Walk Around With A Big Belly

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Ladies, if your man is going out into the world, working hard, paying all of your bills, loving you, being kind to you, and being faithful to you, and he’s MARRIED TO YOU, you are responsible to cook healthy meals, or hire a dietician, motivate him and encourage him to go to the gym, get a personal trainer, and eat healthy.

This is a human life we’re talking about. Don’t forget to not only be his lover, but also be his friend. You want to keep him around forever.


You really are his SEEING EYE. 👁

Real love is doing right by him. Not just feeding him what he wants. Get creative. This is also why 50/50 relationships tend to backfire and so do matching bellies. Too busy focused on SELF. Not enough time to commit to HE and WE. ❤

Serve his SOUL. Not just his heart and mind.

I mean you’re the closest thing to him.  If he doesn’t have you to look out for him, what does he really have?

MEN, this is HOW you mess up. The woman who is on your azz loves you at an entirely different level. It’s not about HER. But you run from her, because she challenges you.

Why catches husband kissing another woman while on vacation.

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big belly stomach man

Now, before you run off being a good woman, taking away his salt, and replacing it with sea salt or a powder.  That does NOT mean that he will appreciate it.  Some men will go off if you try to adjust his dietary intake.  Which is really a sign of something else.