3 Reasons Provider Men Choose Feminine Women Over “Masculine” Boss Chicks

by | Love & Relationships

Relationships are a beautiful thing. You must choose the relationship that makes you happy. Ultimately what makes you happy is doing what your soul wants to do. Today we are talking about FEMININITY, The F WORD.

For many women, you’ve tried to happily be a masculine woman who runs the world. Chances are, you are now a sassy, saucy, 6-7 Figure Boss Chick, but came up short in your romantic relationships. 

One thing about “masculine” women is they are slightly disconnected from the womb. Even though they give their body away, merely for the sake of love, they don’t know the true power behind their vagina and using the energy of it to call in whatever you desire. 

Here is why THAT is important, and also brings us to:

Reason #1 – Provider men appreciate being seduced, charmed and enchanted by a woman who knows how to play the game. Every provider man wants a woman he can’t say “NO” to. Just like many abundant, heart centered women women want to give a man her everything, including her pet, and dislikes saying “NO” to her man, a provider masculine man desires a woman who will induce him just the same. He’s a giver, looking for a woman is willing, ready and capable of receiving from him. He finds that the average woman can’t receive, because she’s too busy giving and doing. This behavior is not sensual to him. It turns him off.

Reason #2 – Feminine women know how to allow a man to shine. Masculine women show up bragging about their accolades, bragging about all of the trips they’ve taken, and unknowingly firing off responses in competition with a man.  

Reason #3 – Feelings – Society often pressures men to not express themselves. Therefore they often feel unsafe with their feelings. Afraid to express themselves, as a woman may say that he’s being too soft. It’s the divine feminine woman that allows a man to be a human, providing safe space for him to express his emotions and life challenges. She also knows HOW to motivate him to get the job done.  

During a recent private session a multi-millionaire client opened himself up to me and told me a story of pain. He revealed to me the woman who motivated him to become the man he is today.

She pushed him deeper into his purpose, in a very emasculating way.

Masculine provider men love the way a feminine woman makes him feel. 

Becoming a feminine woman isn’t simply FOR the man, but being that benefits him and yourself greatly at the same time. 

It’s Yin and Yang. Push and Pull, Flow….

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