Ladies, Are you tired of not being appreciated in relationships?

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Women are programmed in society to become perfect mates so that they can score the title of wife from a man.

Have you spent your life loving people, with very little love in return? Do you feel undervalued and unappreciated. 

Well Sis, sit down and have a seat and let me tell you what YOUR problem is.   Yes Sis, YOU are the problem.

When something happens to you over and over again, it’s time to have a look at the common denominator in these situations. Which is YOU. 

Chances are you don’t appreciate yourself, because you were brought up in a family who undervalued you.

Ohhh chile. I know how that just hit you… And if you’re reading my blog, chances are you are actually full of self-love. But what you may not know is that you are 10 times greater than you see yourself right now.  And because you don’t see yourself as such, most of your worth is based upon how men in the past have treated you. Yet you know you deserve more. You know you’re You know you’re amazing….

Yet you find yourself in bad relationships… You wonder why men don’t treat you as such???

Sis cause you have standards but very little boundaries. Your walls come down for all the wrong men.  ALL of those men showed you signs early on of not being the one for you. But you forged ahead anyway because “no one is perfect,” and you could always “fix him.” Even if you knew how he treated his exes you thought you were special. 

Let’s just laugh at that. I’m laughing with you though, cause I used to do it too.

laughing woman white

And for women who may be lightweight crazy like me, you actually sat back and watched men mistreat you in disbelief like “Did he really just say that to me?” “Is he really doing this to me?”

It’s almost like you have a front row seat to your own horror show, of how dumb a man could possibly be to mistreat a Queen like you.  I don’t know why you’re doing it.. Personally I did it so that I could learn things the hard way so that when I write and tell women about men, I’m speaking straight facts and can’t nobody tell me differently because I’ve been in the trenches. My soul was programmed for this journey of setting women free.

So all that mistreatment I went through gave me major game, lots of knowledge, super powers and great appreciation for my King whenever I attract him. 

So, what did all of that mistreatment get you? Probably a waste of your time. So if you’re feeling bitter, you can just drop that right now and go within. Blame yourself, heal yourself, get back up and keep it moving. Cause you gotta understand, It’s nothing to a boss. 

You gotta send these n*ggas to the left like Beyonce. If they don’t know about you. You gotta laugh at them.

Cause if you’re really the sh*t the way you say you are and think you are, you already know that no woman can replace you.  So when you’re being mistreated and taken for granted, it’s time to let go.

I’ve dumped all of my ex boyfriends and cried my eyes out for months after the last two. But I salute myself for having the courage to let go and set myself free from the web I walked in, no matter how much it pained me to leave.

So now I’ve learned all those crazy lessons and men bow down and literally do anything for me and tell me all these wonderful things about myself.  They reflect back to me the way I feel about myself. 

Kissy Meditate

He meditated on me Sis… That’s deep. First of all, he meditates. 🙌 Let that sink in.

Now what you may not understand is that this message came from a brilliant man who is divine himself. 5D realm type of man. He can SEE me because he’s a GOD.  GODS recognize GODDESSES.. He speaks life into me and could get any woman he wants, but he’s too busy WORKING. 

The other day this other man told me  “You’re just some girl on the internet.” I thought to myself “You poor thing… You can’t see me.” 💙💞😂

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone who just saw me as just some girl on the internet. I tend to have a great impact on people. 

But this man, it made me reflect on my past.  That’s basically the type of men I once dated. I’d have loads of men who love me and think I’m the best thing since sliced cornbread with honey butter on top, but yet somehow I’d end up with the man with semi-permanent shades on. I was just some girl to them.  They couldn’t see the obvious Goddess that I am.  Seeing as to how right now I get treated divine by men,  I know that the way this man sees me has nothing to do with my self-worth or who I am. It’s strictly him and his lack of vision. Which makes me wonder if God hides such women from the peripheral vision of the wrong men?

Cause on the internet where I’m in full force, how can a man not SEE me?? That’s a serious block on his behalf. 

Society constantly focuses on women seeing men as Kings and speaking to them as such. But no one tells men to recognize a Goddess when they see one.

Everything isn’t always a reflection of you or your self-worth. Beyonce’s ex boyfriend actually dumped her cause she worked too much. I’m sure Oprah also once met a few silly men.

Now Wilbur is out here doing interviews talking about how he messed up with Bey, looking like a dumb azz, and allowing me to crack jokes about him every other week. And Bey is crazy in love taking over the world like she always knew she would with a real King by her side. 

Why does no one tell men to stop being so blind and oblivious to Goddess power?

Or is it that God hides such women from the peripheral vision of the wrong men?

There has to be something to this, cause I keep rising and rising, getting greater and greater, download more and more power every year. I look back on all the men who never saw any of this coming. Men who I fed life and love into, told them great things about themselves and even tried to help align them to the highest versions of themselves..

And they couldn’t see me or appreciate me. Yet the whole time,  1 or 2 others would. People used to tell me years ago “Kissy you’re this. You’re that. My fans would say “Kissy, you’re like a Wendy Williams. You need your own talk show.”  I had men sending me fancy dresses in the mail when I was half-naked modeling.  No matter what, they just seemed to see the Goddess is me, far before I ultimately saw it in myself..  So did thousands of my followers over the years..

None of us expected me to be an earth angel though. 😂😂😂 That was definitely God making his own plans.

When you get to speaking life and love into most men, they don’t even think to take a moment and realize what’s going on… Like wait, why is this woman talking to me like no other woman has ever talked to me? They don’t even see the miracle taking place.  So they snooze and lose. Later years on down the line finally waking up and asking to marry you or get in an exclusive relationship with you, and you’re like “Nah son. My standards have raised since then. You’re no longer good enough.”

Sis like a man with VISION. A man has to literally see you in his future and feel like you are an important piece of the puzzle to his kingdom.

A man with dreams needs a woman with vision and a Goddess needs a man with a vision for his life and her life too.  You see those men can’t see you due to some form of selfishness. It’s blocking them from their blessing and ultimately receiving what you have for them. Half of them are so silly they think that what little they got out of you was a lot. You could’ve bought him a house, a car, built his business and things to you that are light work… He thinks he’s gotten over. But you have an abundance more to offer the right man.  (Stop helping men so much. Be the muse.)

Some good men actually suffer from this vision problem too. Usually they are focused on getting sex from as many women as possible, trying to sow their oats, too intimidated that you are passing them up.. The others I haven’t quite figured out the WHY for their block. But don’t be surprised if I figure it out within the next week or two. 

Some men also be so busy with their empire domination plans, that they  fail to realize that the girl on the internet is probably going to get there a lot faster…… Cause she’s a GODDESS.

A GODDESS is the key to their empire.  Which is the reason why they are running around crazy like a chicken with it’s neck cut off because they don’t have a Goddess in their life giving them divine downloads of direction and affection.

So do you see the insanity of it all? Yeah Sis. LAUGH. That’s what I do. 


Ladies you gotta laugh at some of these men.  They are still sleeping on the Goddesses of the world. They’ve never met one, so their whole thought process is based upon some basic b*tch, and it’s not up to you to save him or show him a different way. He has to wake up on his own before he can see you. 

Wait on a man who can SEE you. Wave at the rest of them as you pass them by.