This is why it’s hard for light workers to show up online

by | Confidence & Self-Love

🗣 I know it’s hard for you to show up online. To fulfill the calling of your soul. To speak the message you are called to deliver.
Cause Lawd forbid Sally Mae and her righteousness not like the way you dress or the way you speak.
Heaven forbid simple Cindy says that you’re just too much and need to be NORMAL.
💄 Oh and why bother doing your make-up cause Basic Betty and her basic man may have something to say about how long you take to do that. And oh “you can’t be beautiful & spiritual” they say. 👀
How many times is the red sea of your breaking heart going to part when some 3D earthling tells you that you’re not enough, not good enough, and that THEY don’t like the way you do you.
And lets not forget about Samantha who thought she was all that in high school.. What if she sees your Facebook post and judges you, even though she’s still stuck in her hometown married to Billy, living the simple life of mediocrity.
Oooh chile, WHAT IF they don’t like the new you?
What if your mother, or your family doesn’t like all of the WOO WOO in your business, or you speaking your honest opinions that IMPACT others.
Are you going to go hide in a cave now? Are you going to be quiet like they told you to do?
👁 Are you going to be obedient and fall in line with the sheep?
Are you going to throw your entire damn personality down the drain, just to please THEM? Baby, what has THEM done for you lately?
Not a damn thing. They’ve done nothing.
Meanwhile there you are, as sweet as pie, beautiful as the sun, humbling yourself, drinking the Kool-Aid and the apple pie, so that you don’t trigger THEM. So that THEY don’t accuse you of being TOO MUCH.
🙃 Awwwwwe. You’re such a good girl. Out here seeking approval and sh*t.
Meanwhile on the other side, there is your PURPOSE and your SOUL WORK, begging with you, pleading with you, to show up.
And you’ve done SOME of the work. But you don’t know your next move to access your next level. You need clarity.
Let’s dump ALL of that, build your CONFIDENCE, and your 7 Figure BRAND. Let’s change the world.
Old Kissy
Photo is an old photo of me. Look at me being all proper. Being a good little church girl, trying to fit in. Trying to give people the BASIC VERSION of me that THEY would accept… Even my red bottoms were simple. SMH But, even all covered up, my body was like ‘Yes, Kissy, Yes!”
You know why? You can’t stop a fabulous soul from being fabulous. A Unicorn will always be a Unicorn darling. 🦄
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