Don’t Chase Him. REPLACE Him. Real Men Don’t Have To Be Chased

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💜🙌 Don’t chase him. Replace HIM. Replace them with a man with some real bands, who moves towards you like the lion that he is, who isn’t clouded by doubts of what he wants out of life, and is spending it and knows how to keep his woman happy.
Replace him with a real man. You don’t have to chase real men. They report to duty, chase you and PROVIDE for you. He shows up asking which bill can he pay for you. These other men suck, and hate to be told about themselves. They want you to kiss their sensitive, crybaby azz.
Moms didn’t teach him that women don’t respect men who don’t pay bills.
Oh, and shouts out to the men who pay bills, yet don’t understand why you’re not good enough for a Goddess, so your azz is out here settling for less. Kings want the best, not the lesser sweetie. Top notch women only do Top Draft picks. You ain’t getting in the Goddess league if your character is lacking. We do MVP’s around here only. We don’t do men who play checkers. That’s child’s play. Chess not checkers. Kings have a badd azz chick and build a legacy. 💋
ANY man who is willing to settle for less than the baddest of the baddest doesn’t deserve the baddest. 

And ladies, there is a catch. There’s always a catch of course. If this resonates with you, ask yourself, where are you not honoring yourself?  Where are you confused at?  Cause the truth is you wouldn’t even be dealing with a man who EXPECTED you to chase him, if you had your mind and your divine feminine energy right.  Why are you causing the SPIRIT of your highest self to chase you? Why do you keep running from you?  A man can’t chase a woman who keeps running from HERSELF and her divine femininity.

I know right.   You said you wanted your dream man right? Well Sis, here is your wake-up.

P.S. That same dude you’re chasing, the same dude who is LIGHT-WEIGHT coming at you, would be just as happy with a basic chick as he is with you.  That’s another reason why he’s not showing up correct.  Yes, you can do the work to change and shift it, but Sis, when he’s not showing up correct it’s not even worth it. YET, the change must still be made.  Because this isn’t about him. This is about YOU. YOU attracted him. 

You need a man with some testosterone who puts in EFFORT. That turns you on. Feminine men only help keep you in masculine, aggressive energy.   Masculine men make you purr and bring out the femininity in you. You don’t have to sit around wondering why he’s not calling you, why he’s not taking you out nice places, why he’s not paying your bills, or why he’s only paying small change and feeding you birdfeed.

Men who don’t chase you and give you their all, are not your tribe.

Anyway, it’s time to join GODDESS UNLEASHED and get this over with Sis, cause you’re going to keep suffering until you figure it out. It’s so much easier to just come into my vortex and be SHIFTED.

Spiritual Goddess

Which is another thing. Why do you always have to do things the hard way? Why are you so hard headed?  Aren’t you tired of being single and fabulous?

Look here Sis. The only way to attract your dream man is for you to become YOUR dream woman.   Didn’t you read my book “You Can’t Force A Man To Value You – Becoming a HIGH VALUE WOMAN & Attracting Your Dream Man.”
You think I wrote out that long azz title for the heck of it? Sis, the message is SUPER clear.  I gave you instructions, the same way the bible has given us instructions that we often fail to listen to.

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Portia actually has DR. in front of her name.  The woman is brilliant and divine. She’s so fierce she doesn’t even need to use the title. Now if a woman of her caliber told her tribe to buy the book, what does that tell you? See, she loves her tribe and wants them to succeed, just as much as I want mine to succeed. Therefore we give them knowledge that will help them. We SHARE the info. We don’t keep it to ourselves.  We have an ABUNDANT mindset so we don’t mind actually giving other women props or thanking them for showing up. 

Anyway Sis, back to YOU.

Did you read the instructions in the book?  I am sure you did. You’re brilliant. You read everything you can get your hands on.   But you didn’t follow directions.  (Masculine Men don’t like women with hearing problems.)

How do I know this? Because you didn’t JOIN Goddess Unleashed.  If you did, you wouldn’t have these problems anymore.

I already know you said you’ll do it later, or maybe you said hey, I’ll just keep reading all of Kissy’s amazing free content, not click LIKE on her stuff, maybe even try to be like her, and blah, blah, blah. (wrong mindset)

But here is the thing. To be like Kissy, you have to DO THE WORK.  The first part of the work is following directions.  You bought the book for a reason. God wanted you to have that. He wants you to have the life of your dreams. Otherwise he wouldn’t have introduced you to his employee THE Goddess of Love & Motivation.

You said you wanted love, right?  But you’re just talking. So I am here to call you on your sh*t and make sure that you get up and get it.  Just like you get up and go get everything else you want out of life.

Here is THE LINK, I’ll see you inside Goddess Unleashed.   NOPE! I don’t want to hear any BUTS or lip from you. Neither do men. Follow instructions and make sh*t happen in your life.

Oh my fault, I know, You thought this was about me.  Sis, this stuff isn’t about me. It’s about HEALING and bringing love into the world. I am simply the messenger to wake your azz up.  You ain’t trying to hear sh*t these other chicks are talking about anyway, because you’re not with the simple, basic, dry azz relationship they love to brag about.

You want a King, who comes through dripping, or at least has you dripping cause he’s blessed your life just that much.

If not, good luck on continuing to chase YOURSELF.  If I were you, I would get answers.