The average man doesn’t know the difference between a gold digger and a goal digger. Here is the difference

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“The average man doesn’t know the difference between a gold digger and a goal digger. Which is why he has neither.  He marries a basic chick who helps him sleep on his legacy.

Both gold diggers and goal diggers have VISION.   Smart Kings want women with VISION, who want something out of life.   They understand that women are helpmates.” 👁 ~ Kissy Denise 

So often a man comes to me and tells me that people ONLINE  think I’m a gold digger.  I tend to just look at him. I say nothing.  I don’t tell a man how to think. I prefer the small population of men who can see me for exactly what I AM.  I am a woman who speaks the truth about what high value women want. I refuse to allow women to sit around thinking that only gold diggers deserve to get the good men who provide.  High value goal diggers work hard AF to build a business and deserve a good man who will lighten her load.

The saddest thing about all of this actually has nothing to do with me.  Me is just the vehicle that opens up my eyesight to exactly what’s going on in the world. 

Many people also tell me to take myself out of my blogs, because people judge me.  The truth is life is all about being judged. You are judged by people who don’t even know you. You as a woman are HEAVILY judged based upon the man you choose to marry or get in a relationship with. The better of a man you’re with, the better the masses look at you. When a man treats you like your worthless, society also looks at you as such.  Just look at Ciara.  All it took for her was to marry the right man who values her. Ciara was already the sh*t before Russell. But before him she chose sh*tty men who couldn’t see her value. NO, it wasn’t all her fault. But in societies eyes and in the light and love world everything gets blamed on you.

Ciara Russell Wilson

In the online world they try to bully single women into settling for less.  They tell you something is wrong with you, if you won’t settle. They beat you down as long as you are single. Really good women cave to the pressure of PUBLIC RECOGNITION and VALIDATION through the eyes of a man, and wind up with a man who is less than your dream man. 

I want you to get what you want out of life. Therefore I write these blogs explaining things to all who read and follow me. No matter what I write, people will judge me.  No matter what you do, people will judge you. It’s up to you to control their judgements by writing your storyline properly. 

Now, if you follow me, and know who I AM, YOU WANT A LOT OUT OF LIFE. 

You don’t want just any mate, but you want an amazing mate.  You want a divine King or a Queen.  You want a healthy, conscious relationship and to raise kids and have a family in a good household. You want your kids to truly know what it means to experience healthy love, and great success in this world.   You don’t want your kids having to experience the same things you did.  This is a part of your purpose in life. 

Many men have experienced some of the most unappreciative, ungrateful, most selfish, emotionally unavailable women in your life.  No matter how hard you worked, she was never pleased with you.  So you barely had a chance to love you.  Society tells men to chase money, and to not chase women. So they settle for any woman who chases him.  Yet,  men are taught that they can have ANY woman they want, when they have money. 

This is basically true. Yet, by the time a man finally gets that money, he’s often been conditioned by society to fear gold diggers. Instead of actually now going to get his dream woman and giving her what she wants, he operates in fear, wanting a woman to prove her love to him.  He wants her to operate in masculine energy for his sake.   He doesn’t trust the purest love she comes with.  

Therefore his fears manifest into exactly what he didn’t want. A gold digger. She is often the only woman patient enough to wait around on him.  Her mind is SUPER FOCUSED on her objectives. She doesn’t care about his emotions or hers. She remains unswayed.   When a woman who actually loves him, says she wants him to provide, he fears she is a gold digger. 

Many good hearted women are aware of this, so she sets out right away to prove herself by paying half, buying him things, taking him on trips, cooking, cleaning, giving him mind blowing sex, and literally speaking to the King in him.  When he doesn’t show up as she wants, she gets EMOTIONAL.  Men are programmed to not like women who are emotionally invested in them. Instead they prefer women who they are emotionally invested in… Which is why gold diggers win. They make men INVEST.  Amazing men often have no value for a woman who doesn’t get him to financially and emotionally invest in her.  Because the DOING and EFFORTING part is not what he needs a woman for.  

What a great man in this world is really searching for is a woman who touches his heart and can see his vision. She knows that man upon sight of him. For God will tell her who he is.  He tells her so that she can HELP him get there and believe in him.  She stands in the gaps of his VISION and holds space for him.  God created woman as a helpmate for a man.  But he never said she had to work in the garden.  She doesn’t need to. It’s her VISION and belief in him and seeing him as his highest self that helps him win faster.   It’s a spiritual woman’s understanding of manifestation and detachment that will calm his stress and help him see that he is doing his best.   A man does have to eat, so yes, she does need to coordinate meals. Either herself, they share or a chef is hired. But most men have no value for the exact woman he NEEDS. And many great women get used up by trying to prove themselves. 

These great women are goal diggers. They want something out of life and they are actively moving towards building their own wealth.  They work hard. They study hard. If they see a man who needs helps, she pulls up her sleeves, shows off her strong arms and jumps in to help.  It backfires nearly every time.  It backfires because a King doesn’t need physical help from a woman. He needs IDEAS from her.  He needs peace from her. He needs motivation from her. He needs to know she will always be there for him.   

Goal diggers are great business partners for men.  Such a marriage would be a business relationship. When it comes to building an empire, marriage is indeed a business. The problem is that people think that LOVE isn’t part of the business. LOVE is the business.  When you are aligned with your sacred soulmate you are going to love them and build an empire with them. That is why you have that desire in your heart. 

Men are men, but 70% of them have no idea what they need, no more than a woman does. Everyone is on a path of discovering and figuring out this thing called life.  But because people don’t know what they want, a lot of time is being wasted. 

Meanwhile the gold diggers who don’t lift a finger to work, know what they want. She knows she wants a man to provide for her. Her goal is clear cut. She doesn’t care about how a man looks. She doesn’t care how old he is. She doesn’t care if she loves him or not. Her only goal is obtaining SECURITY for herself and her kids.  Because of her decisions, her children prosper. 

Goal diggers often don’t make a decision to secure a man who provides until later in life after they’ve been screwed over by multiple 50/50 men and left to fend for themselves and raise children on their own. It’s usually a provider man who then pops up to heal her and show her the way. She’s learned life lessons the hard way.  She got body slammed for going against the soul of her own dreams and goals. 

She too was supposed to get a man who provided. But she listened to society who told her to just take any man and love him.  She tried to love the wrong men and pull him up.  He hated her for it. He hated that she was so full of love and didn’t see him as a WHOLE man who could do it on is own. Men truly don’t understand what real love is, and women don’t understand that real love doesn’t mean she has to HELP with her hands.

Once again, who hops up to heal her after that man rejects her and breaks her heart?  A King who pays bills. He magically walks in and says, “Queen, let me show you how you should be treated.”  Sometimes he turns into a husband, and sometimes he’s simply a messenger on the way, doing his thing of healing women.

Sometimes he, as he heals women, doesn’t realize that he views women as an object. Which is the REAL reason why, despite him being a provider he hasn’t been able to get his dream woman. At other times these men are married to a woman who isn’t his dream woman. Since he’ll never leave his wife out of obligation and some form of loyalty, he gets joy from providing for a younger woman who will be appreciative of his nurturing and financial support.  He lives a small part of his truth through her.  Gold diggers heavily understand this. 

Goal diggers on the other hand, can see the lack of love in such men and won’t fully be with them. 

Then here comes the man who truly wants to be King.  He believes the women to be using that man up.  He doesn’t take note of what that other man was doing wrong.  So he goes into the mindset that he is not providing. He then wastes his own time, moving slow, getting little respect from women, entertaining the desperate women,  until another man comes along and snatches his dream woman up.  Then he wakes up, once he sees her happy with another man.  He is now ready for the next good woman who comes along.  Most times he missed the boat. Even if she’s a great woman she’ll still be a settle. Nothing will ever compare to the one who got away, because HE didn’t move as a King should. 

Goal diggers have libraries. They read. They are loving and kind.  They have beautiful hearts and follow God.  They won’t marry any man, simply because he has money. They won’t marry a man who is devoid of love.  They are programmed to wait on their husband. 

Some women are King builders. They are shown the abundance codes for every man she loves. All men who listen to her prosper around her.  She is usually the man woman who is EFFORTING her way through life.  She’s not exactly a pick me, but she does try to build herself a bear all too often. 

It’s not up to anyone to fix all of the confused people.  It’s up to you to meet, state your wants, needs and desires and see if they are in agreement with you. 

Even you meet ANYONE who can see your future just as good or better than you see it, tread lightly. See things from all sides. Is this person your divine sacred soulmate? Do you have a connection?  That connection is going to be the same at month 2 as it is at month 16. Some fear love, so they waste time instead of diving all in and figuring it out.  FEAR is the programming running the minds of 98% of the population.  Which is why only 2% of the people truly win in life.  Those are the people who truly believe in themselves and found great love. 

Here are the 3 types of women and their differences: 

  1. A Gold Digger –  All she cares about is money and being provided for. Period
  2. A GoalDigger – She wants love and legacy together under the same roof. She wants a great King. 
  3. A basic chick – All she cares about is love.  She doesn’t desire an actual King.  She’s not encoded to help a King. She has limited vision. She is called to mate with the average man. She can care less about being rich. Therefore she won’t be, and neither will her man. 


MEN: Where has dating a basic chick ever got you in life?  Nowhere. You got where you are by sheer wit, with very little support, if you have a history of dating basic chicks.   That’s the same way 50/50 men do women, but worse, because a man is powerful. 

Men who marry gold diggers win in success, and lose in love. Men who marry goal diggers win the game called LIFE.   Men who marry basic chicks, live mediocre lives.   Those are the men who are on the internet complaining about women, trying to pull women down. It’s so easy to get a good woman.

There is alot of noise in the world. It’s up to you to DECIDE what you want, then make an ACTION PLAN to get it.  It’s a must that you ignore everyone who is not with the plan.

Ladies, it doesn’t take a man 2-3 years to figure this out. He is simply looking, wondering if better will come along. The internet exists in this day and age. Beautiful women are everywhere.  That helps men develop shiny object syndrome. They spend years of their life looking at shiny OBJECTS, chasing shiny OBJECTS, instead of walking into love. 

You slow yourself down when you allow him to use you as a waiting stool. You turn yourself into a PICK ME, when you wait on him.  At any time God has assigned at least 2 different men to you. One of them will move, stake his claim and get going on his mission.  The other will be distracted.  Leave some space open for the man who sees you and wants to claim you. 

You Can’t Force A Man To Value You. You have to value yourself enough to only deal with men who do value you and show up as that man TODAY. 

If you’re dating any man right now who is not paying you attention, not taking you serious, he’s going on trips with other women, he’s posting photos with other women,  posting other women’s voices on his stories, and he’s doing everything to show you that he is still looking for the one, it’s you who is not ACCEPTING him as the man he is presenting himself to be. 

You must call back your energy from him.  He’s wasting your time. You can’t wait on him to wake up and see you. You have to value you.  Often times women think a man is the best thing since sliced cornbread.  But if you’ve been loving and kind to him and he still can’t see you, then know that God actually does have better for you.  If he wanted to be your husband he would be. Instead he’s using you as training ground for his wife. 

The truth phucking sucks. But it will set you free.  It will set you free, just as soon as you allow yourself to be free of expectations. The only thing you should expect from a man, is that when your King lays eyes on you, he is going to pull up proper. Until then you haven’t met YOUR King.  Even if he is a King, when he hasn’t committed to you, he doesn’t belong to you, and neither you to him. 

Right now the truth of the world, is that people are dying right now.  Those who are in love have come closer together. Those who never had love are creating distance and falling apart. 

The world will go back normal soon. Are you going to be someone who goes back to the same normal, boring routine of dating people for the heck of it, with no intentions? Or are you going to be part of the FEW who rise and go after their dreams and goals in love?

Don’t get caught up in the lives of people who aren’t ready for love. That’s their problem, not yours. It’s not up to you to show them how to love. They have to simply dive in and LOVE. Love isn’t a game. Life is a game of getting everything you love.