Yesterday I logged onto a few platforms to be helpful, and it was like it was Christmas.

by | The Life of Kissy

Yesterday I logged onto a few platforms to be helpful, and it was like it was Christmas.

Instead of me feeding into others as I intended, people fed into me. They thanked me for showing up and for everything that I do.

I’ll be honest. I needed that yesterday. I am an introvert who has always been very popular on the internet. In real life people are also drawn to me. I never TRIED to be popular online. I just was. Because I am always my authentic self, blazing with my heart first.

Over the years it wasn’t always easy to be me online. Many of you have seen the things that go on. I thought once I started to engage more positive people with purpose that those behaviors would be left behind.

But yesterday I came into a great deal of clarity about ME, due to the behavior of others. I’m the star. I always have been, probably will always be. It’s the way God created me.

When people see me, they want this crown. They want my power. They want my anointing. They want the GIFT that God gave me. They want this K.I.S.S.Y MAGIC. ✨ (Keep It Sexy Saavy & YOUnique)🔮 It’s okay to want those things, but the problem is some of those people try to compete with me. That’s when their character shows up. YOU’LL NEVER GET REAL LOVE FROM PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE YOU. In fact, they will only get upset with you, because of it.

So now, me being an introvert makes perfect sense. I avoid people in order to keep my peace. For there is no one I would rather be than the highest version of Kissy Denise.

My journey as a WRITER, is my journey. I do the discovery part FOR ME. Not to impress others. I simply motivate you, because I want you to find your love, joy, happiness and prosperity too.

This message landed in my inbox this week. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who continues to give me remarkable feedback. You keep me going and showing up for you and all of the lights who are being called, but having to shake some things off.

Sometimes us lights need warmth fed into us, the same way we are so wiling to feed it into thousands of others.

THOUSANDS….. I’ve changed thousands of lives. I don’t know if I ever dreamed of doing that when I was a little girl. All praise to The Most High.

Written with Love,
Kissy 💖✨😘