50/50 Men Use Good Women Up & Rob You of Your Youth

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When you think about all of the years you’ve spent cooking, cleaning, having sex and giving blowjobs to a 50/50 man, you can’t help but think about how much of your time and youth has been wasted. 

That’s because that is not how Queens roll. 

Not only was your time and youth wasted, but you walk away from those men with a negative perception of men.


It’s because you dealt with men who didn’t have it in their heart to prosper you. It’s because you met men who didn’t value your femininity. 

Lately I hear so many women say “I want to be adored, not respected.” 

Which is another something that I don’t subscribe to.

I don’t subscribe to limiting beliefs that makes people think they can only have one thing. 

Some men will definitely respect a boss chick who brings her half to the table. 

Some women say they bring nothing to the table, because they expect a man to provide the table. 

To each it’s own. However I won’t run with any of those quotes. I am a real life Goddess. I am the table and I will mate with a male table. His table will be grand and opulent, because my table is grand and opulent. If his table is bigger than mine and I get to play on mine and put whatever cute stuff and sparkles on mine that I want, because he’s got me, that’s also AWESOME.

Regardless, I am a movement all by myself. To pretend that I am not the table would be a disjustice to who God called me to be. 

I am not like most feminine women who can only help women. I am a Goddess that is empowered to heal both men and women.  Therefore I must live in my own truth. 

I love me some Beyonce, but even Bey can’t do it like me. Bey is a Goddess in her own lane. She’s the best performer in the world.  I am one of the greatest healers in the world. 

See that’s another thing about women.  You must understand that we each have our own lane. No one is greater than you, when you walk in your own gift. God equipped you with something only YOU can do. 

If I tried to sing and compare myself to Bey’s singing, I would lose every time. 

Now someone would be quick to tell me “You ain’t no Beyonce.” And you know what? I would agree. I am KISSY. 

Because I am KISSY DENISE, the truth is a man who needs me for half, is a waste of my time.  WHY? Because he’s not powerful enough to keep me. I’ll run circles around him. Which is unfair to him, because my soul is called to mate with a GOD KING.

Women are selfish when you don’t live in your beautiful truths. You hurt men when you deny your own soul.  No man wants a woman trying to drag him to the top with her.  A man has to want to be there already.  

A Goddess needs a man with a table that she can multiply through divine insight. She doesn’t need to touch his table at all. He can provide for her off the table, but it’s not like he’s doing it alone, if he’s open to understanding Goddess powers and applying insight from her. 

Women are always trying to fit into a box or a quote that someone else says. 

But, let’s talk about FACTS instead. 

Cooking, cleaning and giving blowjobs to a man who doesn’t provide, is not what Queens do.

That’s what non queens do. They let 50/50 men use them up.  They use them up until they have enough money to be an actual KING, then they go get a QUEEN who will only deal with a man who provides for her. He becomes so proud to finally be able to afford a VALUABLE woman.


 A true Queen has a man called a KING, with an abundant empire that provides for her. He has a PURPOSE and reigns over the people with just competence.  The Queen sits next to him as his grand counsel. 

Meanwhile, this is what most 50/50 men do to most women.

Every time you try to rise, he knocks you back down and robs you of your youth and energy.
But here is the thing. Every woman wants to call herself a Queen, without doing the work.  Everyone wants to call themselves everything without doing the work.  

But once you claim a title, it’s time to do the work. 

How many women call themselves a Goddess with no beauty in sight?  That’s when someone has self-appointed themselves.  Because if that’s who God wanted you to be on this earth, he would’ve blessed you with great beauty that is both inner and outer.   You can’t be a Goddess without doing both INNER and OUTER work. Without the inner work, you won’t be able to handle the pressure that comes with the crown.

Like Marilyn Monroe, who was the greatest of them all.

No real woman even wants to call herself a Goddess.  The title is usually accepted only after many attempts to fight it. 

That’s what women do. We try to fight the GOOD things that God has in store for us, and instead do our own thing.  But we’ll quickly listen to the negative b.s. someone says about us. 

However, what God has in store for us is always bigger, better and far greater than anything we could’ve ever imagined. 

I am also a Prophetess.  I had a hard time accepting that title too. Because then once you get a title, you almost feel like you HAVE to prove it to others. Yet, when you stop trying, you’ll notice you simply are.  Gifts are gifts. You either have the gift or you don’t.

The gift that each human has is the ability to choose wisely and make grand decisions. 

If God placed it in your heart that you are a Queen, you do yourself  a great dis-service by mating with men who don’t treat you as such. 

NO, it’s not okay to be with a man who doesn’t provide for you, if that’s not what your soul wants. 

All that looking at a man negative, always seeing his faults are all reflections of you FAILING to decide to get the man you want. You look at him negative, because you ALLOWED him into your world, without him showing up as the KING you need. 

You made excuses for why he couldn’t…. You looked at him as the little boy that couldn’t, instead of seeing the KING in him, and believing that he could rise NOW.  You took sympathy on him, and focused on his POTENTIAL.  And it backfired. 

Why do you do this? Because you listen to society. You’re afraid of what they think of you.   They constantly tell you that you need to settle for LESS. Because who are you to go after your dreams and goals they say. 

But because you truly CAN’T settle for less, you instead try to build him into the man you want. You try to change him, instead of ALLOWING him to be inspired to BECOME the man you want. He will become the man you want, because it’s who GOD created him to be. He has to want to become that image of himself. You simply inspire him to do it. 

Do you see how she SITS and cheers for him. She didn’t have to use her hands to get him to rise.  She didn’t tell him to rise. She looked up, and there he was RISING.

When you listen to society you’ll never find true happiness.  You get to the point where you don’t even know how to attract a high value man. You don’t know how to scale your business up to 7 Figures. You don’t know how to attract lots of aligned friends.  You get to the point where you lack clarity and have so many doubts about yourself. 


All because you made that one decision in relationships to settle for less. Then it started to impact your entire life, because you woke up dealing with a man who didn’t value you. Then you started to value yourself less. 

And to fix that value, you went to work, to WORK HARD. 

Unhealed women are some of the most insane women in the world.  The trauma runs so deep that you’re asleep in it. 

Only a healer can pull all of that pain and darkness up off of you.  Only a healer can help you see it through. 

But what do most do? They go off to FIGURE it out, by themselves. 


Because you also were taught by 50/50 men to be uncomfortable asking for help or receiving help. They programmed you to continue to do everything on your own. Which is why you ended up with a man that you don’t need in the first place. 

Do you even know how it feels to have a man that you actually feel like you need?

Nope, you don’t.  Is that even possible or natural for you?

It’s not for even most married women, because they simply married a man who went along with the program.  They don’t share a deep soul connection that bonds them.

Light & Love often teaches detachment and disconnection, because it’s just a higher level of experiencing non-sacred love. 

Sacred love isn’t a FEELING of needing a man. It’s a KNOWING that you both need one another.  No matter how much you fight it, the connection will not leave.  And when you finally stop fighting it and surrender you learn to melt and embrace your differences. 

Your soul needs them because you are assigned a divine mission together. It goes beyond FEELINGS. 

But guess how much healing you need to get to the point?


That’s why you have to tell yourself the truth about who you are. Memes and quotes are cute, but your life isn’t a MEME Sis. It’s a real life design of your choice. 

You designed it before you came to earth.  You can’t live the next woman’s life. You can’t take advice from non Kings. 

Cause guess what all of my King friends tell me?

They say “Kissy you deserve a God King who will provide for you and fully love you.” They say “Kissy you deserve to have it all.”

Guess what men who aren’t on their purpose tell me?

They tell me that I need to come off my high horse and settle for less. 

But it’s not for me to climb down off my high horse. It’s up to a man to RISE and show me why I need him in my life. 

Listening to society throws women so far off track. Like who has a problem with you BEING a Queen when you are one? 

No one. They ACCEPT you when you accept yourself and claim your rightful position. 

You see here is the thing. You need women like me in your life.  Subscribe to UNICORN UNIVERSITY TRIBE to stay in this badd azz, high vibe azz, spiritual AF, Boss Chick energy. 

It’s time for you to get rid of the EGO, that has you doing sh*t backwards.