It’s a waste of time to give most black men online, dating advice for FREE

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Saw a post on Facebook saying “BLACK GODS, if a black woman tells you she doesn’t feel protected by black men, leave her to the wolves.”

I responded.

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I am coming to the conclusion that it is a waste of time to talk to most black men, unless you’re promoting 50/50 relationships.

It’s RIDICULOUS of any man, black or white to expect a woman to RESPECT him or feel PROTECTED by him, when he is not providing for her.

When you’re not doing those things, you are only good for d*ck. That’s the same thing every other man is offering. Why would she feel safe with that kind of man? How could she? She still has to go out and learn how to fish, and she’d better capture enough fish to make up for the other 50% you believe you can’t get on your own. What is there to respect?

When you don’t protect and provide, you’re no different from any other man, no matter how much money you make. A woman wants a KING. Even wealthy women want a KING. A KING DOES THINGS that other men don’t. That is what separates him.  A man who doesn’t provide is not a GOD KING.

Black men are so LOUD in their disappointment of women, because they are disappointed in their own lack of LEADERSHIP. So black women then follow suit and complain too.

I get tired of seeing it.  As a black woman, I find it difficult to ignore, because I want people to love each other and experience healthy relationships.

However, I am starting to think most single black men online are retarded. Because clearly they hear the Tony Gaskins guy telling them which way to go. Tony whose wife is VERY happy with him.  But they call him “soft, and “lame.”   Black men tend to call good black men soft or lame. What a coincidence! (rolls eyes)

There are tons of single women online daily, telling men why the are single. 

At what point does a man get smart and acquire the knowledge and see the way he’s been taught by his parents and by the underbelly of society doesn’t work? 

It’s funny how people say, don’t listen to single women, because they know nothing. Yet the married women, broken men often listen to are in a 50/50 relationships and operate in masculine energy. He doesn’t even listen to the married women who are taken care of, happy and provided for. Why not? Because he feels that men who make their woman happy, are weak. 

They  don’t listen to the married woman who is online constantly bragging about her husband, because he is so amazing and pleases her.

He doesn’t listen to the black men who speak on PROVIDING and speak highly of women.

Who do they instead listen to? They listen to the basic b*tch, the masculine operating chick, with the good job, who doesn’t have men buying her anything, or flying her anywhere. 

He literally listens to the woman who is not adored by men. She’s not adored by men because she has low standards. Yet he somehow thinks her low standers are awesome.  Meanwhile he doesn’t notice he STILL only want to be FRIENDS with her. She doesn’t turn him on, because she doesn’t value herself.  And because he doesn’t have the makings of a high value man, he can’t even tell her “Sis. you’re cool and all, but you really need to raise your standards and get you a man who breaks bread on you.”  

Nope. Instead they go back and forth about how much the opposite sex sucks.   She has standards so low that she can’t even tell him, “Look Bro. Women like men who go hard. So if you’re not going hard for her, that’s the reason she disrespects you or doesn’t like you the way you want her to.”  She literally can’t give him that SIMPLE advice. 

Then, he takes the advice she gives,  hops in the inbox of some super badd azz chick, and applies the advice from the basic chick,  only to get the buzzer pressed on him.  He thinks he knows women, but he doesn’t know a damn thing about a woman who actually values herself enough to get what she wants out of life. 

In fact that same man probably complains to miss basic chick, about the high azz standards the badd azz chick has, and how he is tired of her being unexcited by him.  Then miss basic tells him it’s all that girl’s fault.  Lawd, high value people, PLEASE stay away from team basic, they drive the world mad with their mediocrity and lack of effort in wanting to get things right, and taking self-accountability. 

These men also don’t seem to notice the women they attract to them.  While they go after the baddest chicks, the women who actually float to them are low standard, low value and basic AF.

I know these things, because I’ve watched it all unfold.  I notice what kind of men I attract.  My energy attracts BRILLIANT MEN who read and are great men.

WHY? Because that’s my frequency and my tribe of HIGH VALUE MEN understand me without explanation. Some of them are single too. WHY? Because they are working on figuring out their patterns. Which is really they need to stop mating with basic b*tches. Basic b*tches are doing these men in, and having them calling themselves Gods, while not have one God-like quality. Gods get what they want from life and have a Goddess next to them.  If you can’t keep a Goddess happy, you haven’t activated the God within you. Titles are cool, but doing the work is everything. 

Everyone goes all over the place doing research, instead of simply hiring a dating EXPERT who understands their patterns.  Same thing with business. Research, research, research, which is great. But speaking to an expert is so much faster, because they can tell you about yourself on an individual basis. 

In order for someone to heal you, they must first understand your deep subconscious and how your patterns connect. 

Black women are also not getting the help they need. Everyone is running around carrying the same beliefs, trying to figure it out on their own, and the truth is this sh*t is not surface. It’s generational, it’s childhood wounding, it’s ignorance, lack of awareness, and a lack of alignment with the soul. Just because you were raised a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s the way your soul is supposed to go.

The same group of people who don’t listen, think something is wrong with those who like me who speak so highly of love. These would also be the same people who ignore posts about love. They ignore my posts about love. But those same people would read celebrity drama or celebrity gossip.

If you’re not attracted to LOVE, why are you so surprised that you have such a difficult time acquiring it?

It’s truly a tiring job, trying to help unconscious black people with relationships, because they don’t listen to anything beyond BASIC. There is always an excuse to tear down the person giving out good valid information, or they will find a reason to invalidate them. 

Yet they will applaud anyone who tells them go do 50/50, because that person caters to a man’s lack of belief that he is capable of doing whatever puts his mind too.  He is attracted to people who don’t speak of the GOD within him. 

When I wrote my book, the subtitle targeted people who want something more than basic. I knew who REALLY, truly, wanted to experience deep love. The only people who really want deep love, are those who are of high value. Those are the only people who feel deserving of it, because they constantly do the work on themselves. 

If you have my book, STUDY IT, and get your sh*t together. I write from a place of light and love, while understanding where some people are at on the journey.  So it was my hope to pull them into the light.  But people who end up buying my book are mostly those in the light. 

I am retiring from creating content for people who don’t help themselves. They don’t read anyway, unless MAYBE a celebrity says it.  I literally have to teach myself to ignore half of the internet and only focus on the light and love crew. We literally have to allow people to be happy in their dysfunction, and not speak on it.

No one gets more angry at a light worker than an unconscious person in the darkness, who thinks they are conscious.  They have no understanding that there are levels to this sh*t.  It’s the weirdest thing being in one world, and being suddenly yanked into the light, seeing what’s still happening back there, and wanting so badly to show them how good life is in the light. 

That was my fight, that I now release and give up. 

Oh, I also forgot. MEN DON’T READ. I just wrote too much for them. 🤦‍♀️