Being Celibate Doesn’t Mean You’re Going To Attract A Good Man

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Today ladies and gentleman we are going to discuss the topic of celibacy. 

Many women go through bad relationships, then decide to go celibate afterwards. They hear the blasts from various preachers and social media experts telling them to close their legs.  Then they walk around believing themselves to now be high value and virtuous.

Being celibate isn’t what makes a woman high value. Having a VALUE is what makes a woman valuable.  When you’re celibate and later start having sex with a “nice guy” who you haven’t made prove HIS value to you, you’re simply going to get the same results.

Celibacy also doesn’t stop your trauma, wounding, patterns and limited beliefs. Celibacy isn’t going to teach you how to love and accept yourself. It also doesn’t teach you how to communicate  your needs to a man.  The only thing that will attract the high value husband you desire is healing, raising your standards, having boundaries and not giving a drop of p*ssy up until your demands are met.  THAT is how you attract a high value man.

megan good devon franklin

When Meagan Good was celibate, she took it upon herself to attract a GOOD, DIVINE PROVIDER MAN. That’s when all of her relationship problems stopped.  Before that men were dogging her out, blogs dogged out her wardrobe, because she met men who couldn’t see her value. They got joy from mistreating a beautiful, rich, celebrity woman. She was a showpiece to use and throw away. Megan was always valuable, but no man was going to treat her as such until she valued herself enough to get a man who would.

Same thing with Ciara. We saw how 50 Cent, Bow Wow and Future all treated her. They treated Ciara like she wasn’t sh*t.

Like Rihanna said, some of these men real life be trying to fix their inner issues with a Bad B*tch. You don’t even need a man who doesn’t provide for you. Heck, he needs you.

Silly men feel better about themselves by mistreating a beautiful woman. That way they are able to brag to their friends and say a beautiful woman wants them and that he doesn’t want her back. They are traumatized and focused on revenge of their past, and taking it out on beautiful women, instead of healing and finding love.

Ciara Russell Wilson

Ciara can take care of herself, but Russell Wilson constantly says how he will take care of her and do anything to please her.  Meanwhile look at how Future used to treat her?

I am big on telling women to take self-accountability, but NO, all men are not good men. Everything a man does is only a reflection of you if you stay with him or be with him.  If you want to be respected in society you either get a good man or you remain single.  No high value woman is honestly even impressed by 50/50 relationships. Any woman can be masculine and take care of herself. But it takes a divine woman to pull up with a man who provides and treats her like a Queen.  It’s not meant for a Queen to toil in the dirt, when she can simply submit to a King who is going to lead her, provide for her, and make things happen in her life. Some women are maybe meant to operate more in masculine energy. But that’s not for a fine azz woman to do, if she doesn’t want to. She has OPTIONS. If a man doesn’t value you, he doesn’t get to have you. Let him go deal with a sweet, basic chick, who he will only tire of later, and wish he had a badd chick.   Men who don’t get up and do what it takes to get their dream woman are weaklings. Beautiful women were not created to be with them. You were created for a man who goes hard in the mthfkn paint and believes in himself, like Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.

Jada Pinkett will smith

These women are winning on a large scale, because they are immensely loved by KINGS.  Kings PROVIDE and honor their woman. Men don’t value you more just because you’re not giving it up. They don’t value low standard women. Do you see any low standards above?

What about on this one?

prince harry meghan marble

It’s time for women to wake up. NONE of these women are paying half, and they are treated like precious gold. But a 50/50 man will allow you pay him HALF, in order to deal with you.  Not having sex isn’t exactly healthy. I’ve done it several times and I am absolutely crazy during that time. One time I even cut all of my hair off during a 1 year spell. Women are crazy when they don’t have d*ck in their lives.

So instead of throwing away your pleasure and sexually repressing yourself, make a decision to get a husband who proves himself worthy of having access to your nectar.  Then you can be free to fully enjoy being connected to your body, and fully express your soul desires,  the way you like. Sex is way more enjoyable with a man who values you.  Then you can stop pretending to be a nun.  That’s not the life that God has for you. He wants you to have FUN.

What’s fun to you? Love, Success, Purpose and perfect health.  Get you some.


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