Women who wind up in abusive relationships abuse themselves.

They abuse themselves in their business and their personal relationships.

They overgive and have very little boundaries.

They try to play God, by trying to control things. Meanwhile God ignores our prayers all the time. He doesn’t hop to our every whim on command. And even then it’s often not even God’s fault. It’s US ignoring ourselves.

Either way, you are not God. So why would you keep over-giving, trying to force your desired results?

After a lifetime of abuse, not having boundaries and over giving, I finally saw the light of how I caused it all.

HOW? Because I broke the pattern by taking my BUSINESS serious and claiming my authority.

People are lucky to work with me. Men are lucky to date me, or get access to me.

But the old me may have changed those facts in order to fit in with society and be liked. Cause how dare I speak such great truths about myself? Blasphemy a non-King or non-Queen would say. Come up off of your high horse Kissy, you’re not better than me. You’re not special. You’re just like any other woman, is what THEY would say.

But darling, when has the blind EVER been able to see.  People have been blind as sheep since the beginning of time. The bible told you that.

However, denying who you are is a violation of your own boundaries.

The Gods & Goddesses will all AGREE with me.

Your greatest breakthroughs will come from owning your greatest truths.

Written with Love,
Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece
THE Goddess of Love & Motivation 💋

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