Someday you’ll see that you are a whole masterpiece

by | The Journey

I have so many breakthroughs, that make me cry. I am so grateful for God’s presence in my life.

Today, I was inspired to write a poem for my Unicorn University Tribe. Each and every one of you are so amazing.

I hope you like it so much that it resonates with your soul. Cause God wants you to hear these things.

Love You!

Someday you’ll see that you are a whole masterpiece

One day you’re going to be so smart that you realize that you’ve been bsing yourself. You’re going to realize that YOU were the only thing standing in your way.

It’s not your mama. Not your daddy. Not the haters. Not your mentors. Not such and such who did such and such to you, but you.

It’s all you. It’s been you the whole time. And that moment when you realize this, is when you’re going to cry tears of gratitude.

For in that moment the wool will officially be removed from your eyes.

And in that moment, you’ll realize you needed every experience, even the pain. It was part of your journey.

And you’ll see how God was holding your hand the whole time. You’ll see how he kept sending his angels to help you.

You’ll see that you were always surrounded by love.

One day you’ll see, just how beautiful and amazing you are.

One day you’ll look at your handsome face and realize you’re one of the best men in the whole wide world.

One day you’ll see the reflection of a Queen.

Someday you’ll see that you are a whole masterpiece.

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