How I found the courage to launch a $100K Mastermind

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People sell mindset. They even sell manifestation. Yet they can’t seem to manifest followers who actually pay them attention. But I can. 

People underestimate the power of branding as an authority.

Knowing who your niche is, how to speak to them, and how to attract them.

They underestimate the power of authentic WRITING

They have ZERO clue on how to call in their soulmate audience.

When you attract your soulmate clients, THEY GET AMAZING RESULTS.

That’s when you actually get to see your power work in FULL FORCE.

I always wanted to have $100K yearly mastermind. But I didn’t feel worthy enough.

Because I am single I often hear people try to box me in and ASSUME that I don’t know what I am talking about in relationships.

Yet, I studied my craft, anyone can take one look at my social media and see men swarming all around me who love me. Even unconscious men will follow me FOR YEARS.

💡 It’s my frequency. It attracts everything I want and need.

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I see what other relationship coaches are doing, and their groups are FILLED with people who watch their videos, read their books, and have not been able to improve their relationships.

Meanwhile I’ve had people who say my FREE content, has helped them manifest their soulmate.

My book, also changes lives.

My clients in Unicorn University and Goddess Unleashed are also getting remarkable LIFE CHANGING results.


1. Increased Confidence
2. Fulfillment
3. Clarity
4. Getting Things Done
5. Excitement In Launching New Offers
6. Manifesting Soulmates
7. Getting Clear On Their Niche
8. Creating Email Sequences
9. Healing
10. Looking more attractive

Unicorn University



One of my male 1 on 1 clients

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Because I am a people pleaser and a perfectionist, my programs and courses are OUTSTANDING. I turned my perceived flaws into excellence and PROFIT.

Now here is the thing. THAT WAS WORK.

Do you know how EASY it is now for me to work with people who can afford to pay me $100K a year and up level them?

EASY AS PIE. At that point, teaching an abundant person about MANIFESTATION is easy.  But check this out. My FIRST branding client made $1 Million in the first year of working with me.  I did however ensure his success by doing most of the work for him.  At the time I was not a coach. I was simply DOING what I am good at.

Here is another client who I helped to ATTRACT a million dollars, after 1 phone call.

7 Figure Manifestation

You know what I did after I saw that review over a year ago?

Nothing really. 😭

Instead of receiving it, I kept working on my belief system.   And guess what? I could keep going, WORKING on my belief system for YEARS, instead of ACCEPTING that of course my clients get the exact results they desire. I am a Prophetess. I speak beautiful miracles into life.

But that sounds like hogwash, right? It sounds too good to be true, like it couldn’t be real… And that’s how we treat ourselves.  While it’s true that often-times other people don’t believe in us, clearly our clients do, and because of it, they get results.

If you don’t believe in yourself NOW, you’ll just keep working on your self-worth.  

Meanwhile others are launching $100K masterminds and ALL their clients get are the connections in the group. They are not actually getting HEALING, PURPOSE, FULFILLMENT, LOVE or the actual life changing shifts.

I said all of that to say that you have to DO THE WORK. Do the work your soul is called to do. You’ve been doing this magic EFFORTLESSLY, therefore you think it to be no big deal, and you miss seeing your own value. Doing the work gives you clarity, confidence and attracts clients to you who you can actually shift and get great RESULTS.

Cause that’s what us heart-centered life coaches want. We want clients to get RESULTS. STUDY your niche and learn exactly what it takes to shift them.

Next up I am launching my BRANDING course which is going to help people make a whole lot of MONEY.

I should also add that I have a millionaire mindset coach, who told me to stop launching anything under $1000, because even for him, HIS relationship, his CLARITY, and his business has greatly improved by working with me.  You see that? Even when my clients are already millionaires, I can still help them. WHY? Because they are my soulmate clients.

I am an expert on high performing, conscious relationships for millionaire mindsets. Balancing your finances, walking in your purpose, knowing how to love and how to consciously communicate make for beautiful relationships. My clients are going to change the world TOGETHER, and raise beautiful kids in healthy environments.

Click the photo if you would like to join Unicorn University, which is a HUGE tribe that I am building but also a mastermind.unicorn university tribe logo