When You Ignore A Woman You Only Teach Her How To Live Without You

by | Love & Relationships

There is this saying in the world that playing hard to get, distant and uninterested will make a person more interested and more obsessed with you. But the truth is such behavior will make a woman bored with you eventually. 

Many men falsely believe that acting like you don’t care about her will get you the results you want.  That by ignoring her, you would get her to chase you instead. Some men think they if he treats a woman badly she will offer more love and affection.

Even when a woman doesn’t understand that men chase, after a while she will begin to feel icky when dealing with a man who doesn’t pursue, but says he likes her.

Her mind will continue to tell her that you really don’t like her, so it will program itself to not accept you and live without you. She will slowly become comfortable at the thought of not being with you. 

Many men don’t intentionally do this. They simply believe that money is more important than love or a woman. 

Other men don’t realize that such tactics don’t actually work on high value women.  Any man who doesn’t treat a high value woman well starts to become low value to her. She starts to notice every single flaw he has. Her mind starts to talk her out of it. It reminds her that you are not good enough, due to your own chosen behavior of violating the law of love. 

A high value woman knows what she wants. She’s fulfilled, and has no choice but to walk away from such a man, because he brings pain, darkness and sadness. It’s too difficult for a woman to rationalize a man who ignores her.  She doesn’t want a man who isn’t serious about her. 

Yet alpha male coaches teaches men to perform such behavior, only later for the man to realize the woman wakes up one day and she’s no longer into him.  He allows other men to easily exceed him with love and kindness towards her. 

High value women aren’t like normal women. When a woman knows she can make her own money, she actually becomes okay with being alone. Because her need isn’t money, her heart must be fulfilled. 

Every high value woman knows that when you really love someone you can’t just ignore them. To do so is heartless. When you love someone you can’t withhold your love and affection because it’s counter-productive. It’s a waste of all of the work you’ve already put in. 

A high value woman loves to showered with love and affection all the time. She wants to be cherished. God created her to be loved. She wants to know she can count on you, and that you’ll always have her back. Ignoring her makes her afraid of being with you. She doesn’t want to choose the wrong man. Even though she allowed you in, deep down, she’s working on removing you from her space. She can’t continue with a man who doesn’t love her. If you’re not giving a woman what she needs she has to leave you or push you away. 

At this point, the man will start to say the woman is bi-polar, crazy, unsteady, confused, unhappy, unfulfilled and other things. When the truth is she simply realizes she’s not being fully loved and hates that once again, she has to send yet another man to the left, for playing silly games, or not knowing how to be a real man. It’s important for a man to understand that the majority of the way a woman acts towards him, is only a reflection of the way he makes her FEEL, due to his actions or inactions towards her. 

Men also believe that it’s best to not reveal his feelings too early to a woman. But that kills the connection. When a woman doesn’t believe you love her, she has a difficult time emotionally connecting to you. Which then she has to let go of you. Otherwise she’ll go into masculine energy trying to figure out what’s going wrong. Her mind goes to focusing on what’s wrong. The small, occasional things you may do right, get overlooked.

It is the greatest waste of time for any man to present himself to a woman whom he has no intentions of fully loving. 

If a man wants a real woman who will love and support him the way he needs, he needs to be caring and attentive.  Make her important. 

Only by treating her right will she fall deeply in love with you and stay in love with you. Then the relationship is off to a beautiful start. Then you have something more than other people have. Be steady and consistent in your loving actions towards her. 

It’s all so simple. It’s almost ludicrous for a man to do it any other way.  To some men’s defense, he really thinks he’s doing his best to forge a love connection by utilizing “ignore her” tactics. He has no idea he’s gypping himself out of real love.  He has no idea that love actually isn’t hard after all.  His only problem in the past perhaps was getting into relationships with women who never fully loved him or chose him, because that woman didn’t fully love herself.  Women who loves themselves don’t get into relationships that aren’t full of love. Even when relationships sour and go bad, the man swarmed her with love in the beginning. It never has to be hard with your dream girl, when you treat her right. Even bad men know this. 

So fellas, if you finally want a good woman, pour love into her.