When Your Tired of Men Online Who Complain About Women

by | Love & Relationships

Sometimes I look at the complaining posts some men on Facebook, make about women, and I say nothing. But we’re on my page now and I’m going to tell you a truth that no one else will tell you.

Dude, you suck as a boyfriend, straight up. When you’re actually a GOOD MAN, and a GOOD CATCH, women will like you even if you’re broke. Your sex game is also WHACK. Chicks will go to the moon and back for some good d*ck.

So the fact you’re smart and somewhat successful and still don’t have a positive mindset towards women says alot about YOU.

Women these days are not desperate for a man and don’t mind being alone. No smart woman is about to sign up for sex on demand, cooking, cleaning, pretending you’re the greatest, having to be submissive, paying half the bills, and pretending you’re smarter than her, while catering to a sucky man.

As a man, people don’t tell ya’ll the truth cause you’re sensitive and will claim emasculation. Therefore you don’t learn the things you need to. . A lot of you men honestly suck. And you’re okay with that. You have no desire to improve because you don’t understand how love works. You’re like the worst boyfriend ever. I can tell that from your Facebook posts. Any woman who commits to you is going to be one miserable azz b*tch. She’ll be online being jealous of single, cute, happy women.

Learn HOW to be a good man and how to keep a GOOD, VALUABLE woman happy. Many of you men learned your dating habits by dating basic chicks with low expectations. Did you ever notice other men are married and HAPPY? At least learn how to follow a good man.

Women want a man that she can brag about. No woman wants to be the girl who doesn’t get flowers, doesn’t get taken shopping, doesn’t have a man who fawns over her. She wants to be treated like a princess or a Queen. But you don’t understand, cause your heart isn’t in the right place and you’re okay with being basic AF. Women desire to submit to a King.

Half the time a woman’s male friends treat her better and do more for her than you do.

A woman is an investment. Until you learn how to sit down, figure out what you want, VALUE it when you find her and learn how to SERVE her like the Queen that she is, you will continue to attract bad women, and women who simply don’t want you, but remain polite.. LIKE attracts like.

It’s so easy for a man to get a good mate. Learn how to put a glow in a woman’s eyes. And stop being YOUNG and DUMB. Women date older men for a reason.