The #1 Reason Men Should Marry A Spiritual Woman Who Believes In Him

by | Love & Relationships

When a spiritual woman loves her man, his life is going to improve. Simple as that.  Being grounded, and tapped into her heart chakra is going to cause manifestations of wealth, not only in her life, but also in her husband’s life. 

Yet, so many successful men find themselves stuck in relationships withe pessimistic women of very little faith. These women have no faith in themselves, no faith in God, and no faith in their man either. 

Ann Alise wrote:

” Pessimistic women with no faith in their femininity can drag men down tremendously . There are lots of men with visions and drive that are in relationships with women who constantly look down on their vision .

This is because she doesn’t feel he can carry out these big dreams because she has no faith in her ability to help him manifest these dreams in the unseen .

Men should definitely stay away from women such as these because she will always feel comfortable being stagnant and content . This is a poor mindset .

Men who are willing and able to provide and have gotten themselves to a certain point thrive with women who understand that she does her work in the unseen and she is the manifestor .

If a woman cannot believe in herself , how could she ever believe in you? 

I love what Ann said. All too often men date spiritual women with no understanding of how much her presence blesses his life. Suddenly he’s making more money, and attracting more abundance, and thinks it’s all him. 

One feminine wife I know who is a master manifestor is Makhosi. 

One of the most important decisions in anyone’s life is whom they choose to marry. For a wealth conscious man with big dreams and goals, who also walks in his purpose, such a man definitely needs not only a woman who believes in him, but he needs a spiritual woman to help ease him through rough periods.  Certain goals require a certain level of faith. When two people come together in agreement of a goal, consider it done. Add some spirit on top of that, and it will get done a whole lot faster.

So in this aspect I understand why many a man forgos his earthly desire for a beautiful woman, and instead gets a nice, Christian woman.

But many men have also figured out the hard way he still wants what he wants. Which is why many men these days tell you they want a nice, wholesome woman and 3 months later he’s dating an Instagram model, attempting to convert her to Christianity. 

The shift in society these days is that men want a popular, highly attractive woman who believes in him.  I would suggest that women take note of the tides. I would also suggest not dating any man that you don’t believe in. It’s a waste of time on both ends. 

But then again, how can you not believe in your mate if you love them? Everything always goes back to love or lack thereof. Or maybe there are levels to love. Many a man will claim his ex-wife loved him, although she clearly didn’t believe in him.

Women are told to have a list and ask questions during the research phase of dating, but it would be wise for men to tell a woman his goals and dreams and see what she thinks of his goals. I would say he should take note of HOW she tries to help him. But this will backfire, because the way a feminine woman helps a man she dates is different.  She doesn’t necessarily have to be hands on in the business to help him. Other times a woman can be hands on in the business, but she  is wary that a man may like her for what she does and not for who she is.