10 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With Spiritual Women

by | Love & Relationships

Once you have read this article, you to will want to fall in love with a spiritual woman.

1. She believes everything has a purpose.  She believes in synchronicity, repeating numbers, and angel numbers, as signs from the universe. She’s convinced that you came into her life for a reason, season or lifetime.  She believes that you’re going to give her something invaluable, whether that be scattered memories, a life lesson, or become a permanent part of your heart. Therefore she’s always looking for the good in you. 

2. She’s authentic. She is open and straight down the line, as she doesn’t see the sense in pretending to be someone that she’s not. She loves her own flaws and finds herself hilarious. With her, what you see is what you get.

3. She loves life and everyone. She is wrapped in an abundance of love for you, her family, her friends, knowledge, her pets, your pets, the sun, the moon, the stars, food,  God, source, her spirit guides, the ancestors, and just about everything.  Her light and energetic frequency makes her a joy to be around. 

4. She is forever learning and growing. Men really want a woman they can teach and grow. But most times women don’t like to be told anything by a man. But a spiritual woman knows she isn’t perfect, she’s already working on becoming the highest version of herself. She will warmly welcome input from you and work on improving herself. Not because she lacks confidence or self-worth, but because she simply wants to be her best self.   Drop some knowledge on her and watch her work! EXPANSION is her favorite word. She keeps getting better and better. She’s a really good partner to grow with. 

5. She embraces new concepts. Most people are judgmental, scared of things that they cannot see, or cannot grasp, but she’s different. She appreciates that there’s more to this world than meets the eye. That there are secrets waiting to be uncovered. Not knowing doesn’t scare her. It empowers her to sit and get to a place of understanding.  Therefore she doesn’t judge and also finds your uniqueness quite interesting. (Some spiritual women even know how to twerk.)

6. She has unwavering faith. She has full belief and hope that things will get better. Even in the darkest moments, she will see a way out.  She believes there is a solution to every problem. Her faith and positive mindset will keep you going. She also creates excitement and magic. 

7. She is not materialistic. Spiritual women even when she likes nice things, she still values experience and love above all else. However souls like mine are highly materialistic and we’re supposed to be. It’s literally written into my astrological chart (so don’t feel bad if you like nice things. Your desires expand the Universe. You are not meant to be like others). Even when a spiritual woman likes nice things, she still values love above all else. She appreciates the little things. She’ll stick with you through thick and thin, but will also help keep things thick. Sis does not like thin, unless it’s her shape. She’s all about abundance.

8. She has compassion for every living thing. A lot of spiritual women are also empaths. They feel compassion for other souls and understand that every soul is here on a mission. She feels compassion for each soul’s choice in how they will experience their mission. Her compassion helps her be very understanding of other humans, or at least she will try to be.

9. She is one with nature. Nothing resets a spiritual woman like walking in the forest, sitting in a park, walking on the beach, or looking out at the clear blue ocean water. If she’s super spiritual, don’t be surprised if a bird lands on her. 

10. She aspires to be at peace. Spiritual women hate drama. They run from it. If her dark shadows come up causing drama, she will quickly fix it. Drama doesn’t appeal to her. She sees good in everything, believing there is good inside of every person. She would rather be alone than have false friends. She has no need to party all the time. She enjoys books just as much as she does partying. You can always count on her. She’s all about honesty, and sincerity.

BONUS: When you feel like being deep, a spiritual woman gets excited by this. She loves your mind and is quick to dive into deep conversations. 

Sidenote: Don’t piss off a spiritual woman or hurt her. Her mind causes things to happen…