6 reasons why rich men cheat more than average men

by | Love & Money

How often do you hear a woman say, “I don’t want a rich man, because they cheat?” Quite often.  The truth is lots of men cheat, and rich men do cheat a little more than average.

The main reason rich men cheat more than the average men, is because:

  1. They have more ACCESS.

2. Wealth buys an affluent man power, recognition and a reputation.  Regardless of the lies, most women will allow to float out of their mouths, most women actually do want a rich man. Why?  because she wants a man to spoil her. 

Therefore women are more attracted to rich men. She’s going to put up with more unsavory behavior from him.  She’s going to put in more effort to get him. She’s probably not going to hold out on sex for too long or return too many of his requests with a “no” response.

Rich men pretty much get to have their cake and eat it too. Even when such a man decides to marry, and is caught in the act of cheating, quite often his wife is not going to break up with him.  (Unless she loves him and expects him to do right by her.) A great majority of the wives of affluent man have become accustomed to accepting his cheating. He has nothing to fear by cheating.  She understands quantity actually excites such a man. 

3. I’ve also noticed that many affluent men have spent a great deal of their 20’s and 30’s working hard, building a business.  At times maybe he wasn’t the most attractive and couldn’t have his way with women. Other times he simply did not have time to play, enjoy his life and experience many women.  Sometimes these men settle down with a good, wholesome, STABLE woman to help them build their empire. The woman’s stability, and her always being dependable and nurturing him plays a major influence on the growth of his business.  She is usually very meek, humbly dressed, and often has her own career. Then when he starts making the money he desires, suddenly he cheats.

4. Some men cheat for validation. I’ve heard way too many men say they wanted to know if they still had it. Which is quite silly, cause if you have money or you’re attractive, or even if a woman knows you’re taken, she’s going to be attracted to you for her own reasons. 

5. Some wealthy men cheat due to the constant pressure of work life. 

6. Some are unhealed and simply seek to be destructive. They will partake in an indulgence of drugs, alcohol, gambling, and all of the other festivities that a good sanctified, 3D Christian would consider activities of those who are going to hell. (I’m 5D. I just want to reiterate that.)

But I’ve also seen wealthy men who are healed and have no interest in cheating. I’ve seen such men study how to be a great mate, and would go to the ends of time to keep their wife happy, and maintain a healthy, loving relationship. 

When men cheat it’s because something is wrong with HIM.

6. Variety: But of course he’s going to tell you his wife doesn’t do, A,B,C & D to make you feel like your sex is better than his wife.

The truth is his wife could give the best blowjobs ever, he just likes it from you, cause you’re extra, and cheating excites him.  His wife could also not be pleasing him, but he can also sit down and work that out with her, if that is his choice. 

Regardless of the reasoning,  just know that non-affluent men practice these same behaviors. You absolutely can not assume that just because a man is not wealthy that he’s going to be a better husband to you, no more than you can believe that if you marry an unattractive man that he will be good to you and not cheat on you. 

The truth is if a man is attached, is well dressed, or is wealthy, lots of women find him highly attractive.  Women generally find men attractive as long as he is confident. 

It’s not a challenge for any man to cheat. What’s actually more difficult is for a man to keep a happy home. The man who can keep a happy home has figured out life. 

If you ask me, those type of men are the real MVPs. For it is a man’s duty to forego and overcome lust of the flesh in order to channel his energies into other things. 

I have so much respect for men whose hearts and minds are above average.  Those type of men are the ones who do real work. It’s never about their money, their success, or their accomplishments. For me it’s the fact that they have the heart to do better, be better and not settle for less or even be okay with being less.  Such men want to be the best. Their winning effort is exciting. 

So if you want to pick a good man, pick a man with good character. That’s the bottom line.