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The Secret To Getting High Value Man

Hiiiii. You’ve arrived after seeing a certain sequence of angel numbers. The Universe is guiding you to the manifestation of your desires.

You need a little truth serum, so this is going to be quite different from what you are used to.   In order to get a man who loves and adores you, the first thing you need to do is stop messing with these busters who treat you any less than the Queen that you are.

DECIDE right now, that you will never again date a man who doesn’t think you’re amazing with ice cream and cherries on top, PLUS  dash of whipped cream AND some sprinkles. You are extra, so you need a man who comes with a little extra loving just for you.

You want the divine man who has been looking for you his whole life.

You want LOVE, and not just any ole love. You want REAL LOVE with a man who honors you, respects you, believes in you and actually spends his money on you. Not to mention you want a man who can actually afford to spend his money on you without overwhelming his budget.  You’re a boss.

Because you’re bossy, you also need a man that knows how to hit it right, preferably from the back.

Yes Sis, I am not here to play any games with you. I know what you want, and it’s time to get it.

Most women are stuck because they don’t work on themselves. They are more concerned with reading gossip, following whoever is popular, listening to the advice of those who simply regurgitate what they heard someone else say, instead of following soul and finding an aligned teacher.

Some women become know it all’s who don’t get help and continuously try to do everything on their own. Usually for such a woman her business also stresses her out, because she’s trying to do that too by herself.   Non-professional women invest in everything except their relationship and communication skills.  When it comes to love the average woman does not feel worthy of investing in herself.

Although love is THE single most important topic in a boss chicks life, right behind her education, she wouldn’t dare invest the amount of money into her love life, the way she’s invested into her education.

Then again Sis, you’ve invested a lot of money into all the wrong men; trying to build bears over the years.

You ever watch yourself build up a man, only for him to go to the next woman, happy as can be, doing everything for her, meanwhile being upset with you for being the person he needed you to be, in order to get him to step his game up?
I know you are tired of that tired game of self-sacrifice.
Have you ever imagined how it would feel to actually have a man who appreciates you for all you do, and maybe even have a man who uplifts you for a change, instead of you being the one that has to lift people up and drag them to the top?
When you’re ready to actually CHANGE, you will  get that exact kind of man. The kind you can build an empire with and make over the world together like Pinky &  The Brain.
You’ve done endless research and so far, not much has helped you. That’s because you’re special and need a special kind of coach. You are called to experience divine, sacred love. It’s the most beautiful love a human can experience while on the planet earth. That’s why you’re so filled with unconditional love.   But you need a man who knows what to do with it. 
You need to meet your soulmate.  He’s the other half of your heart.  Just as much as you want to meet him, he wants to meet you too. What you seek is seeking you. 

You don’t have to go through immense pain anymore.  You can heal your heart, vibrate higher, feel sexier, lit up, full of joy, embodying the fullest expression of your Goddess and attract one of the most divine men alive, who absolutely loves and adores you.

You are the bomb Sis. But there are a few things you must first attend to.

Does this sound like you: 

✅ You often speak about how tired you are of men. How upset you are, and how men know not to come at you wrong. Yet, you’re dating and getting bad results. You’re dating with no sign of a marriage proposal.

✅ You’re tired of meeting countless men, but not liking any of them.

✅ You fall in love with a man’s amazing chemistry, only to later be completely turned off by his character.

✅ You see the good in men and try to drag them there to help them become the Kingly version of them that you see.

As a powerful women you actually don’t like many men. So when you finally find one you like, you lose yourself trying to make it work.   That’s very noble of you, but not quite the thing that masculine men respond to.  Masculine men respond feminine women.

You  often get stuck on good d*ck, good looks, and potential. Sure, you date high value men, but they don’t tend to like you the way you like them. At least not the ones you like. Meanwhile, the ones you don’t like, are crazy about you.
Deep down, if you really look at your dating and relationship history, you look at men like the little boy that could. You have A LOT of sympathy for men and believe that if you just show him what real love is, that he will transform, become highly successful and turn into your knight in shining armor.
Listen, Sis. It’s important that you start LISTENING to what men tell you. When a man tells you he’s busy working, the truth is he’s just too busy FOR YOU.

Heart-centered women while being VERY loving, with pure intent, actually have the most difficult time dating, due to ignoring all the red flags, and hearing what you want to hear.

Have you ever tried seeing things as they truly are? I know painful right. People tend to suck when you view them through that lense.  There’s nothing wrong with your rosy colored glasses.  You really just need a man who really is kind, wonderful, loving and sweet, so that you can continue being your sweet loving self.

You know the one who doesn’t mind buying men nice gifts, throwing huge surprise birthday parties, taking me on trips, paying for fancy dinners. being him luxury gifts at the mall, taking him to the spa, and all of the cool things you do, that other men didn’t appreciate.

But back to what I was saying… When a man tells you he’s not ready for a relationship right now, believe him. Cause when you don’t, you allow a man to use you,  until what he really wants comes along.

If you want to actually experience real sacred soulmate love in this world, you need an advanced dating strategy.  Nope, it’s not about playing games. It’s about embodying your authentic self and including your femininity and desires into the mix.

You think you’re a challenge, and that a man would be lucky to have a woman like you. Yet you never get the guy you actually want.

Here’s the thing, men actually AREN’T afraid of strong women.  They are afraid of going after women that they believe will hurt them. Men are not as emotionally strong as women think.

You ever found yourself bragging about how well you cook, and how you can pay your fair share? Listen, there is a better way to attract a good man.  Cause that behavior only attracts those beta men, and Lawd knows you don’t like beta. Like “Saweetie” said you want the man with the “B’s”, that’s your type. 
You’re a good woman, you’ve sacrificed your pride, dignity, confidence and self-respect to hold onto a man you have falsely labeled as a limited edition. Meanwhile what he’s limited on is his love for you.
He treats you like a basic b*tch. He doesn’t seem to care about your degrees, how smart you are or how fine you are. He doesn’t even notice the 99 million things you do for him in order to grow his soul and prosper him with love. 
Are you tired of feeling like you’ll never be ENOUGH for him or any man? Do you fear that when you finally do meet the man of your dreams, that he won’t like you?
Life doesn’t have to be that way when you know exactly how to get the man you want. 

If you sit around listening to his false promises of giving you the stars, claiming he wants to take care of you, meanwhile he’s waiting for a woman to come along who he will give the entire Universe to.

You see a good man WALKS the ish he talks. He makes you feel good and reminds you of the sexy, roaring, vivacious woman you are, But you’ve been settling with listening ears, instead of watching men with your Goddess eyes.

Unless you view men and the world through your Goddess eyes, you’ll be a man’s place holder. Sometimes your loving heart comes off to a man like you’re in desperate need of love. That’s crazy right? Welcome to the world of MEN.  Men don’t think like women do. They have a completely different value system. 
Your own value system has had you caught up, in love, trying to turn a clown into a King. You didn’t come into this world to marry a court jester.  
You deserve better!
You always seem to be the caretaker for a man. Even your male family members. Face it Sis, you’re tired of being drained. You’re tired of being used up. You’re tired of being treated basic. You’re tired of not getting what you want.
You want the dream. You want the marriage, the mansion, the private jet, the luxury lifestyle and the baby with the carriage. You are ready to live your best life, with a few stops in between on an exotic island with the man of your dreams.
You’re a total boss chick. You make plenty of money and you’re really generous. But the man of your dreams hasn’t pulled up yet. So you’ve been settling for less.   
Your self-esteem has took a hit. How many bears have you built that you’ve watched move on to fall in love and provide for another woman?
You love to date one man and a time and committed to him. I swear you be following all of the good girl rules. You let him talk you into feeling guilty for dating other men. He told you that he prayed for you, and that you were the woman for him. Then he proceeded to show narcissistic behavior. Each time you left him, he would beg for you to come back.
You listen to his kind words, that he’s never backed up with actions. Only sweet words that lead you on. Telling you what he would do for you, or could do for you, in the future maybe.  What about right now?
Don’t you think that you deserve the man of your dreams right now? Or did you fall for that line that men feed to masculine women, telling her that she has to earn it?
Honey there are some things about men, that Youtube University can not teach you.
Are you ready to break your patterns and stop suffering from one heartbreak after another?
Did the last man come onto you fast, like lightening, love bombed you, and then pretty quickly showed you just how much he didn’t appreciate you?
Yet there you stood, giving out wife treatment, trying to prove your worth. 
 I have spent my life coaching, training and researching the topic of LOVE.  I knows boss chicks like the back of my hand.  I want you to win in life and get the real love you deserve.
We are going to stop all that b.s. Follow me and I am going to get you right.
Hi. I am Kissy Denise, The Goddess of Love & Motivation. I teach both men and women how to manifest their best life through the art of love HEALING, VISIBILITY, MAGNETISM and VIBRATION.
I love love, and want everyone to have love and find a beautiful, soulmate relationship.
I don’t want you broken hearted and unhappy. I want you to experience a life full of love, success, prosperity, spirit and joy. I want you to feel the blessings of God upon your life.
I know sometimes you feel like God isn’t hearing your prayers. But he hears you. Which is why you’ve found this page. Man or woman, that’s why you’ve found me.  My teachings are going to lead you through the promise land by showing you how to implement Gods words, and the Law of Attraction into your life.
Not only am I going to heal you. But I am going to teach you how to become a high value woman and attract your dream man.
I am going to show you how to heal your heart and be open to love again.
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