Sometimes when men say Badd B*tches make Badd decisions, they are right. And the men who say it are the bad decisions.
They are the men who don’t feed into women. They are the men who have drained up every chick’s energy they’ve ever met in order to become successful, and didn’t feed back into any of those women. But they think they are the good guys, because even though they took from your body and didn’t give to you, at least he wasn’t the sorry azz n*gga who borrowed your car. (His mindset)  Also the same guy who says that you’re too strong.
Those men look for women with their sh*t together and start scheming on ways to drain her of her energy on the low, while pretending to feed into her.
Then after he’s done, he may be quick to tell you “B*tch you ain’t sh*t.” Basically, the same way 50 Cent Did Vivica Fox. He thought he had something, till he phucked her after sending a dozen flowers.
She gave in too fast, and thought a whirlwind romance was about to ensue. But 50 has more GRATITUDE for the EXOTIC women. So he feeds into them and loves on them.
For Vivica, she was just another black woman to take from and toss to the curb.
Many black men do this to women, but they have this rule that we are supposed to pretend it’s not happening, and just keep blaming the woman for picking bad men.
When 9/10 men are bad, good luck with finding that 1.
But that’s exactly what you must do. Badd b*tches make bad decisions with men by having too much empathy, instead of staying in the badd b*tch zone and telling a n*gga to pay up or get lost.
Men don’t respect anything they don’t have to pay for. That’s just what it is.
So if you want a good man, #1 get a dating coaching, relationship coach or work with me and get your heart healed and get into alignment with your true desires.
You must deeply honor yourself in a new way. You keep trying to do what the rest of the world is doing, because they are sooooooo loud, saying there way is right, and besides there are more of them than you.
But life isn’t about being like other people. It’s about being different. When is TRUE CHANGE going to come?
God is ready for your next level, whenever you are.