Do you remember dating as a teen and feeling butterflies in your stomach whenever you met a cute new guy?

Then as you went through life and started dating again those butterflies stopped showing up, and you figured that you would never feel them again?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can be 69-years-old and suddenly meet a man who makes you feel butterflies. 

Looking back, I think when we don’t feel those butterflies that it’s a sign that he’s not the one. 

My ex I remember actually seeing him in a club 2 years prior to him ever even talking to me. Energetically the connection was so strong, that I felt him and didn’t even know him.. Then 2 years later the night he talked to me he just so happened to have on the same shirt from the 1st time I saw him. I didn’t have a great memory at the time. So that tells you how strong the connection had to be for me to remember him like that. 

About a week later my body like literally started to go crazy like I was a teenager, despite me trying to stop it. 

A few weeks later I started having light weight panic attacks, cause I was falling for him, even though I had no intentions too… It seems like the Universe had it written for me to be with him. 

That sh*t didn’t work out though.  Two years later we broke up.

Then I met this guy who I wasn’t trying to pay any attention to. But he kept coming and one day when I started paying him attention, I was on the phone with him and suddenly my whole demeanor changed.  I went from a woman who is always sure of herself and not too much thinking about men, to suddenly feeling like a teen girl.  When I talked to him I simply melted. My complete aggressive nature was gone. It was almost like instant submission. Now I’m a pretty powerful woman. So this happening to me suddenly for the first time in my life, I knew this man had to be extremely powerful to have this kind of effect on me.  The passion comes out of nowhere, and makes you feel like you have no control over it. It shocks you. Which gives the teen love feelings. 

My 69-year-old client who is a young soul was telling me how she felt weird cause she met a guy who made her feel butterflies. She too was shocked to be feeling it. 

You never know when you’re going to have a new experience in life. But when it comes to love, it may sneak up on you or you may have to simply keep yourself open to new possibilities.