Never try to talk yourself out of your desires

by | The Journey

How often do you want something, then you try to talk yourself out of it, due to the opinions of others or due to the pain you associate with getting that thing?

Quite often more than likely. But here is the thing. You’re supposed to want that thing. That desire was placed inside of you to take you on the journey of receiving it.

How do you receive it? By healing yourself and changing your thoughts.

For example, most women if they are truly being honest, they want a man who will provide. But a lot of men are feminine so they will tell you that you are asking for too much, and to not expect from a man what you can’t give yourself..  Other women who don’t live in their truth will also tell you to go get it on your own.

So you avoid expecting a man to provide. You go out and deal with 50/50 men because you feel that will be easier, and allow you to avoid the pain of a man possibly telling you no, he isn’t willing to provide for you. So you got get it on your own, just to realize the desire hasn’t changed. You still want a man to do what a nurturing man would do, provide. 

But you’ve went all the way around that desire, just to end right back up at that desire.  You see the problem ultimately comes when we try to convince ourselves against our desires. 

In relationships, it’s good to ask people what it is they truly want. People have an idea of dream mate in their head. That’s what they truly want. If you can’t be that, plus more, then there’s probably no point of being with that person. But if you do decide to get involved in a relationship anyway, chances are that relationship will further drive you into accepting your desires.  The relationship will keep you feeling unfulfilled because that desire isn’t there… 

Same thing if you want to be rich, and convince yourself you don’t need to be rich. Waste of time.. But it is good to ask yourself WHY you want to be rich? Is it so that you can feel like you did the work to control your life? Is it so that you can feel abundance? Is it so that you can get women to like you and find a relationship? Our WHY is what owns our subconscious and ultimately gets us to move towards the direction of our dreams. 

Often times we as humans try to deny ourselves of our desires. Leading to the slowing down of our own evolution and enlightenment. It also leads to the withholding of our desired manifestations. For to manifest anything, you must first receive it in the mind, by accepting the desire.