The Reason Why Your Man Should Not Be Dumping You Nor Breaking Up With You

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Your man should not be dumping you or breaking up with you.

When this happens, at what point did you lose control of the relationship?

This is not just a problem for regular women but also a problem for many high profile, attractive, wealthy, celebrity women.

Tamar Braxton says she’s doing OKAY after being publicly dumped by her lawyer finance. Young Jeezy’s wife Jenny Mai says the divorce came as a shock and she’s trying to save her marriage.

After working with hundreds of clients and countless years of research, what I have come to discover is that it is the woman who controls the relationship. This is a spiritual fact.

When women call other women “pick me’s” most of the time they use the statement incorrectly and don’t know what it means.

A PICK ME woman is a woman that actually doesn’t understand that she has the power to CHOOSE a man and have him act and respond accordingly.

I’ve seen this personally in my own life and in the life of divine feminine women.

In the case of Jenny Mai, she and Jeezy disagreed on something and she was waiting for him to come around to her side and agree with her. He felt so strongly about it, that he filed for divorce to show her who is really in control and running things.

This is why we tell women to get femininity training. While YES a man will deal with you as you are, it takes a certain level of femininity to maintain a relationship with a high value man.

Without it, a woman will lose control by trying to control….

Many women try to control so much, instead of allowing a man to be himself. This is the biggest mistake that most women make. It’s quite the learning process to stop doing so.

Relationships are beautiful healing portals that bring you to your highest self when you let them. Always remember that you are two seperate souls sharing a human experience.

One of you in the relationship may be more enlightened than the other, and maybe this makes you feel like the relationship is tough or hard. Relationships are not tough or hard, it’s the people in them.

The best way to have a smooth relationship is to have equal values.

For instance, I recently had a conversation with a female friend. She’s kind of hood. I told her that it’s usually the ghetto girls who have the long, bat lashes, and that it was unclassy.

She became offended.

With my understanding I got it. She’s hood, and I am more on the high class feminine side.

In my conversations with other women we have clashed about things, based upon our VALUE system.

For me personally, if someone else has higher values than me in an area, I listen, take it in, and tend to shift, because it releases blockages and their value system may give me clarity.

For example: I am a public person and sometimes I’m in promotion mode and I want to promote myself to the world.

One time I was at a festival in Atlanta with a bourgeoise woman and no men were talking to her, but they were all coming up to talk to me. I was enrolling them all into my mailing list and speaking with all of them. I was focused on BUSINESS.  (She looked GOOD. Her energy kept indecent men away, and we honestly didn’t see any high caliber men until we were leaving out.)

Later on she told me that it wasn’t a good look for me to talk to every man who approached me.

Instead of being offended, I stepped back, took in what she said and decided she was right. I came up with a better in person marketing strategy for my next festival.

WHY? Because I desire to be the best version of myself and desire to grow and improve.

It takes a GROWTH mindset for someone to grow with you. They have to want to do the work.

What’s funny though, is when I turned around months later and told the same girl about a man she liked, she didn’t want to listen, so we clashed again.

The difference with me and most people is that I am VERY open to growth, and not always being right. I seek to humble myself enough to have understanding of other humans.

This is not always easy, because I have very strong opinions. Yet it’s a beautiful thing to know who you are, but also understand that you don’t know everything.

Now back to the men that you are in relationships with.

Understanding men requires that you have a deep understanding of YOURSELF.

When a woman is strong in her SELF-LOVE men come her way, and therefore she doesn’t have to understand men so much, depending on the man that she chooses.

It’s also a CHOICE with how you energetically show up in your relationships. Men read this energy and decide to either stay or flee.

When a man is dumping you, there is need for divine feminine consulting along with a new level of CONFIDENCE.

There is a way to love yourself and a way to love a man that keeps him next to you, never wanting to leave you.

Message me or book a clarity call to learn about this innate gift that every woman has the ability to cultivate.