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 Working with Kissy 1 on 1 is by application only. 

To apply, click above to book your love call. The first call and application fee is $555.

During the call Kissy will hear more about your goal and dreams, see what your blocks are, and  give you a strategy to get to your next level. You will experience a rapid shift and a breakthrough beyond what you’ve ever imagined. 

Working with Kissy requires that an individual makes a decision to surrender, and do what it takes to move into your next level. 

When you become aligned with your soul’s purpose and understand the unique way your soul is called to show up in your world of business and relationships, you will quickly manifest the life of your dreams effortlessly.

This call is ONLY for those who are familiar with the brand and feel lead to work with Kissy Denise – The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation inside a 1 on 1 private mentorship or inside the yearly Mastermind. 

Show up on the call, prepared, and excited  to receive your next level  and secret key to unlocking your abundance. This is the real deal!

Clarity for entrepreneurs who are stuck and want a quick breakthrough in your business calls is where Kissy will look at your soul system and see what needs changing. If you’re not happy or if you are depressed, this is a great place to start.  Some familiarity with God & Manifestation is required.

An email confirmation along with an application will appear on your screen.

Fill out the application completely, so that we may make the most of our time together.

Without completion of this form, your appointment may be canceled.  

The Goddess of Love & Motivation only works with the best of the best.. 

Get ready to change the game.

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Signed with Love,
Kissy Denise –

The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation 💖✨😘

Your new life starts the moment you believe in you. Winning in every area of life is not as hard as you were lead to believe. 

Commit to working with me for 1-year and you will manifest the powerful God version of YOU.

Face it love, You want more joy.

When you understand the art of truly surrendering to God’s purpose for your life and being the person that God called you to be, the faster your life will change.  

You’re brilliant. You’ve accomplished more than most. You have a ton of money. Yet you may not know that NEGATIVE WORDS and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS are death to your success in business and relationships.

You deserve a break, a helping hand and everything you need to live life effortlessly.

Tapping in with Kissy will help move past your love and joy blocks. 

You will feel so grateful that you booked the call.

Kissy Denise - The Masterpiece /
The Goddess of Love & Motivation


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It’s truly time for you to leave overwhelm behind, call in your tribe of soul aligned followers and get a soul aligned strategy that has you delivering transformational results with ease and flow. 

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