Blac Chyna Selling Shoes, Clothes & Purses Just To Get BY! Asks Money From Tyga

by | Boss Babes

Angela White, also known Blac Chyna, claims she has had to resort to selling her personal belongings to keep her head above water, in her legal filings that request Tyga to chip in for their looming custody battle.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Angela says she’s selling off her clothes, purses and shoes through an online consignment store and to friends and family just to make ends meet.

Angela claims she’s brought in over $178k this year from the used goods store, which she says has supplemented her plummeting business sales … but there’s a problem.

Angela says it’s really just a stopgap measure … because she’s going to eventually run out of clothes, purses and shoes to sell.

With Angela fighting Tyga in court over legal and physical custody of their son, King, she says the legal bills are piling up on her end … and she won’t be able to keep up the fight for her kid without some money from her rapper ex.

In the docs, Angela also claims Tyga’s been interfering with the limited time she does have with her son, which is only 24 hours a week.

Angela says Tyga refuses to directly communicate with her, share his contact information, or give her an address for where King lives. Anglea claims he’s also holding back important information on the kid’s health, safety and welfare, such as the location of the kid’s school and his prescriptions.

However, sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Angela knows where Tyga lives, and he’s been paying for King’s private school tuition, medical bills and most everyday living expenses. We’re told King has his own line of communication with Angela that she has easily accessible access to.

Angela is asking the court to assist in establishing a consistent and regular schedule with King that Tyga can’t obstruct and order Tyga to pay $125,000 to cover her legal and accounting fees.

Kissy's Thoughts

Watching Blac Chyna these days is interesting. The woman is literally a master manifestor. She worked her way from being a dancer, all the way up to having a child by the only adult male Kardashian heir. Hate all you want, but that’s not easy to do. However, lately Chyna’s thinking could be a lot bigger and  better. The past few years she’s aimed for small things instead of going all out for what she wants.  She’s also ruined her relationship with the father’s of her kids.  Perhaps she needs to go and get that tunnel vision back that she claimed she had.

Perhaps something has affected her confidence. As far as Chyna’s custody battle, I do not see her winning this. She had ample opportunity to be the custodial parent of both of her children and appears to have chosen not to do do.

Even with the man she publicly dates at this point, none of them are moving her forward. However, her “baptism” and switching to Jesus character, along with gets an honorary doctorate’s  seemed to get a lot of people on her side. I totally do not believe she’s broke. This seems to be a ploy to get the court on her side.  Knowing that the internet will gossip about her, and Chyna still not caring, it’s clear that this is her version of playing chess.

Wishing her the best.

Sidenote: Before you believe that Tyga is a good person or totally side with him, remember he left Chyna and put her out his house in order to date 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.