At some point broken women must DECIDE to stop BEING so broken

by | Confidence & Self-Love

If we are to tell the truth about our society, men do break a lot of women.

But no one breaks a woman more than SHE BREAKS HERSELF.

Women break themselves by DECIDING to enter into a monogamous relationship with a mediocre man.

They enter into a relationship with a man who is incapable of giving her her TRUE HEART’S desires.

Good men want you to have it all. They want to give you money, love, attention, affection, food, amazing sex, kids, a ring, security, and even a home to live in.

Good men seek to make their woman completely happy. They delight in being able to make her smile.

You can’t expect to attract a good man when you’re a broken woman. ~ Kissy Denise 

Good men also have lots of money, because they know what women truly want.

Good men want to be able to PROTECT and PROVIDE for their families.

What man have you been with who wanted to give you all that and did so?

OKay, now you know WHY you are so broken. You settled for a man who didn’t GIVE you those things. He only TALKED about doing it.

More than likely SOCIETY told you to settle. They told you that you weren’t good enough to receive more. They made you IGNORE the desires that GOD placed into your heart.

You humbled yourself to HUMANS, instead of humbling yourself to God and accepting HIS desires for your life.

You need to acquire the confidence necessary to feel DESERVING and WORTHY of God’s greatest desires for you.

Love You. đŸ’‹