Are You Afraid Of Standing Out Or BEING Too Much? Here’s Why You Need To STOP THAT!

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This random man wrote on Facebook how much he didn’t like my personal page, or the way I talk.

He didn’t like my high vibrational posts nor the low vibrational ones.

WHY? Well I posted in a group for help with my blog. I stated that my blog has 500,000 followers, reaches 7 Million people a month minimum and makes 6 Figures. I was attempting to participate in the group and learn something new like GETTING SPONSORS insead of CPM dollars. (The group owner turned the comments off on the post to stop the energy of my power. 🌸❤️)

My BEING triggered him. How dare this beautiful woman be so powerful and successful.

Oh, and she says she’s a HEALER but she talks in slang and doesn’t try to speak perfect. She must be making it all up. Why hasn’t she conformed?

And he is MARRIED…. That tells you the state of his unhappy marriage…. So he attempts to hurt people.

6 people who don’t have a large blog following or a successful blog agreed with him.


Negative thoughts. You’re never going to be good enough. This is what he reminded me of. The healing journey it took to stop caring if my presence was too LARGE or made people uncomfortable.

The healing it took for me to stop shrinking myself, afraid to be me in other people’s spaces… Sticking to myself in my introverted corner, not taking up too much space, SAFE, where I would be accepted for being me. Not caring about the opinions of others, doing my thing, changing the world.

I often work with accomplished professionals who fear standing out with their own ideas and fear their own influence

Agoraphobia (ag-uh-ruh-FOE-be-uh) is a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed.

When someone says something negative to you, is it a reflection of what goes on in your mind? The feelings of not feeling worthy or good enough every time someone says you’re not or they don’t get you… Are they reading your mind?

Knowing you’re, waiting for other people to approve of you. Let me tell you something. I’ve also created millionaires within 30 Days of working with me.

I have hundreds of reviews of people saying that I’ve changed their life. None of that was going to give me what I had to give myself…

Chances are you’re waiting for SOMETHING to happen or for you to get a certain amount of money or a certain amount of followers before you feel worthy or good enough. You’re trying to do everything perfect so no one will talk crap about you.

Yet your clients are getting AMAZING results.

Can’t you see you are THERE already, where you are trying to go? Your next level is already grounded into your vibration. You’ve put eons of light work in already. You’re experiencing the power of being inside the vortex. Yet, you’re resisting.
WHY? What’s the underlining fear?

This is what I had to ask myself before I allowed in my huge shift.

When you set your intent and direct the focus of your thoughts you will have what you seek to manifest.

Yet, waiting for approval of others will slow you down. You must feel worthy within yourself first, before God will allow you to get what you so badly want to receive. It’s all within you.

You know the financial and wealth level you are to acclimate to. It’s written and already active within you.


You have the power to RECEIVE IT, by feeling worthy and good ENOUGH right now.

What’s the next thing your soul needs to do to SHIFT and EMBODY IT?

Personally I got tired of playing small. I want to impact MILLIONS. And I started showing up like it. 💋

Also that woman limiting the comments on my post, inspired me to go ahead and teach people how to monetize your writing.

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Still not ready to move forward on your journey?

Let’s look at three sources of fear and four steps to take from Tracking Wonder :

1) Fear Of What Peers Will Say

Stand out too much within a profession, and you’ll threaten leaders or others with powerful positions.

If you start to develop your own ideas into projects and programs with your signature brand, your grandness might threaten the peers you leave behind. They could begrudge your success or await your failure.

And they will. I’ve received notes and sideways glances. But they’re not the ones I’m serving.

Or maybe your peers won’t do those things. Some of them might applaud you and follow you. A leader might become a mentor and partner.

You’ll be surprised that you will be a good influence.

2) Fear Of Failing In Public

If you put your idea or core project “out there,” and if you muster the copy and brand story to claim its value, then some people could pan your idea or business. Your Kickstarter might fail. What if no one calls? What if your website sits there like a store front, pretty but empty?

Everyone will know. And it will feel personal.


But here’s the thing: When you play it safe in business, you hide. You hide your quirky personality that actually could be your advantage. You hide your values and virtues that could be captivating. If your business proposes an “anything for anyone” Sam’s Club approach, you can hide the distinct value that you claim as yours. So, if part of your business fails, no one will know because, well, you didn’t proclaim the core part of your own making as important anyway.

I see “hiding” even in professional websites. Safe, functional, hiding.

Hiding is a powerful defense mechanism, isn’t it? And it’s pretty deeply wired.

But here’s the greater risk: You can hide what could be your most potent ideas – your message’s medicine that could actually salve your community of customers, readers, clients, and fans.

Don’t hide and hoard your medicine. Dare to stand out with your ideas. (If this resonates,Click to Tweet. Thanks!)

You’ll be surprised by how generous people are and how much they want your success as much as you.

3) Fear Of Incompetency

If you put “your” ideas out there, you’re on the edge of your comfort zone and your competency zone. You could fail a client.

Or maybe not. Maybe the new challenge will ignite the best in your skills and strengths and character yet again.

Every one of these fears I have contended with and continue to do so because I constantly push myself and Tracking Wonder to the edge.

By the way, you can work within an organization, and still be influential with your own ideas. You can be an employee and be a thought leader.

And if you’re one, two, three, or more years in your business or thought leadership and are wondering why you’re not getting any traction, take heart. Be in it for the long game.

Regardless of your form of business artistry, here’s what helps me and countless other high-performing, influential professionals I’ve worked with and studied:

  1. Applaud your heritage.

That you’ve “ gotten along” all these years does not mean you’re not creative. Some degree of conformity among team members is necessary to get creative ideas executed. Convergent thinking – creative thinking in line with a group – is valuable to get things done effectively, according to study results by psychologist Seth Kaplan(George Mason University) et al.

In other words, don’t damn what you’ve learned, what you’ve accomplished, whom you’ve become. You get to draw from all of that as you advance your core project and shape your own brand.

  1. Acknowledge what a creative idea is and is not.

A creative idea is not “pure” originality. Popular misconception. Not supported by any scholar or psychologist of creativity I know of.

Creativity as studied in psychology is the generation and execution of novel and useful ideas. Your novel ideas are a magic synthesis of existing ideas. Synthesis stems from your ability to draw from different ideas and sources and combine them into your own. Many successful thought leader nonfiction books these days are the authors’ documented syntheses of other ideas and research mixed with their signature voice, take, and story angle.

With your years of expertise and experience, you can contribute your verse, your signature frameworks, your singular elegant idea. Your forming and acting on novel + useful ideas helps you feel alive and be of distinct value.

  1. Get perspective.

Research how 2 other influential idea-entrepreneurs in your field are building ideas, creating, and engaging their communities.  I’ve read “soft” advice that suggests you should just follow your own ideas and not study  others’ work because you’ll get wrapped up in the research and feel defeated.

That’s dangerous advice that does not trust your resilience or self-awareness if you want your idea, project, or brand to be part of a conversation and field, and not a vanity project.

Then enlist 1-2 other business artist peers who know your field and who would run with you on offering knowledgeable input. (Note: Not all mastermind groups are equal – so be cautious.)

  1. Assess and test.

Business artists learn like scientists. They sketch, try out educated hypotheses, gather data, and test again. They shoot bullets before firing canons (thanks, Jim Collins, for that metaphor), meaning the companies, creatives, and entrepreneurs who succeed keep testing out smaller versions of their ideas before relying on a big one.

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