Self Celebration – How To Get Other People To Celebrate You – It’s Not What You Think

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Some people aren’t celebrating you because you aren’t celebrating yourself on the level that God called you to vibrate on.
Placing blame outside of yourself, is not the way of the genius. When you shift your beliefs in alignment with the things your soul desires, you will manifest them effortlessly.
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The Real Reason People Don’t Celebrate You – It’s Not What You Think

The real reason people don’t celebrate you is because you’re operating below your soul frequency.  You’re an EAGLE trying to hang with birds.

Now an eagle and a parrot are both classified as birds.  A parrot can even be beautiful and talk to you. But a parrot, nor a sparrow can fly at the speed of great heights that an eagle can climb to alone.

I know you want to help the birds and inspire the birds. You’ve done a great job. You’ve planted so many seeds. You watered them 20 times over already.   It’s okay to step away and allow those seeds to grow on their own, without you.

Imagine yourself letting go of their hand, trusting that they will figure it out.

What are ways to celebrate yourself?

When was the last time that you were so focused on YOU, and felt so proud of YOU that you through yourself a birthday party?

Everyone wants entry to a celebrity birthday party.

At other times, a nerd is not respected in a gun fight.  Everyone simply isn’t into spirituality, acceleration, manifestation, God or greatness.  Just because someone meets you doesn’t mean they are apart of your tribe.

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It’s okay to let go and vibe high. It’s okay to limit people’s access to you. It’s okay to practice what you preach. It’s even okay to leave people behind.

When you constantly hang out with people who can not receive at your level and feed back into you with joy and purpose this can cause you to lack gratitude for your own contributions to the world. Therefore you don’t celebrate yourself.

When you love and celebrate yourself by simply being YOUR HIGHEST SELF, you will be recognized in the presence of Kings & Queens.