Recently I realized that I’d been unintentionally putting myself last. I was caring about everyone else and their feelings, while making my own unimportant. WHY? Because I know that my own emotions are simply just storylines. 

But by doing so I wasn’t fully showing up. Every time you make yourself appear less than to appease other people you block your own light from shining.

It’s quite a process of understanding this. 

But once I shifted into notgivingaphuckness, then the question came “Well who am I now?” The answer to that is you are nothing and no one, but everything. 

I stopped giving af about all of the unanswered messages in my inbox. I stopped caring about being so kind to men, who weren’t even being super kind to me. I stop giving them loads of empathy for being a basic man. 

I stopped focusing on empathy for everyone who comes half azz, and really sunk my heart into my tribe. They go hard. They show up and they try. They desperately search for answers to get the keys out of life. 

I’m looking forward to my client calls this week. I enjoy working with people who are actively working on getting past their blocks in order to accomplish dream life.