Don’t read this blog if your soul is okay with being basic AF

by | The Facts of Life

If your soul is okay with being basic AF, don’t mind me. You gotta do you and do what makes you happy. If basic makes you happy, maybe that’s the way you were created to be. Maybe you’re lazy AF. Who knows. 🤷‍♀️

However, if you know you want big sh*t out of life, I’m going to need you to stop lying to yourself. Basic sh*t kills your soul. It suffocates you. But did you notice when you switch lanes, and live in your truth, that suddenly life starts to happen for you, instead of life happening to you?

Ain’t no way you want the opulent life, if you’re not willing to move from going against the wind, and instead flowing with the wind and letting it take you where you already know. Simply hop in the river and let it take you downstream.

Here is the thing though. You’re never going to know the whole path. The path is the path. If you knew every single detail before you started on the path, then it wouldn’t be so fun. You’d have less gratitude. But now it’s exciting. The path is filled with challenges you must get through, in order to go to the next level. Life is nothing more than a damn video game. You simply choose the theme park you want to play in.

But back to what I was saying: Basic is as what basic does. You are not going to live your best life being basic AF. Basic requires very little growth. It’s comfortable. The sh*t we winners do is uncomfortable AF, and going back home crying to your mother won’t do.

You can sniff, sniff, and say “My life is this,” “I can’t do it,” “It’s too hard,” and every other excuse backed by fear. You can let the law of average keep you playing it safe, PROCRASTINATING, afraid to give clients TRANSFORMATION. Afraid to fail. Afraid of what others think of you. And the others… Who are these others we speak of? Team mthfkn basic. They are the ones you fear. They are the ones talking sh*t about you. After all they have plenty of time to focus on them, cause they are not doing you. When you’re not doing greatness you have time to throw mud.

When it comes to women, you can let these men keep helping themselves to your body, mind and heart, while you get nothing in return, not even the love that you crave. Or you can stop playing games, tell the little girl in you that you’re tired of playing house with immature men, and pull up your big girl panties and Unleash The Goddess Within. Any day now you can choose to become an Infinite Woman.

There is no point of running from your purpose either. If you were called to bring forth and birth something, I’d suggest you phucking bring it. It’s not going to stop calling your name.

Women, you can wait. You can invest in everything else, but I’m telling you that what you need to do is make an investment in your phucking soul. When are you going to bet on you?

You can sit around scared, unconfident AF, doubtful, insecure, triggered, not knowing, taking care of men, trying to copy the next chick, feeling unpretty, being undervalued, taken for granted, not being spoiled like a Queen, fearing being alone, having whack sex, when you know you want divine King d*ck, and having not an ounce of power. OR you can come work with me and learn how to get what you want from life. I know you’re tired of playing with these court jesters.

I always get what I want. My clients are phucking superstars. Ask ANY of them if they still have low self-esteem. Ask them if they have problems with self-love. Ask them how men now treat them. But what you don’t have to do is ask them about their confidence. Divine confidence shines through them. With that alone, they can do anything. But with the beautiful energy they now have, the Universe is fast becoming their best friend. Message me to Join Goddess Unleashed or to work with me 1 on 1 for Soul Alignment.

P.S. I ain’t for weak b*tches. You either really want to live your best life or you don’t. I came to fix crowns. 👑 Gods & Goddesses only. Come get this magic.