Most men who get cheated on don’t know what love is

by | Love & Relationships

Raising my consciousness has taught me a lot about men.  The higher in consciousness I go, the more I understand my own self, the more I understand men.

For instance, most men don’t know what it truly means to be loved by a woman. They say they want it, but they have no value for it.  

Men who end up with women who cheat on them are a very bad judge of character.

Most women are faithful.

You have to be a certain kind of woman to have a good man and just outright cheat on him, and let another man laugh at him behind his back.

You have to be a certain kind of woman to cheat on your man, in the name of Scooby snacks, cause it’s not like she cheated with a man who bought her a Bentley. She cheated with a man who paid her d*ck and attention. That’s all.

A good woman would never allow her man to be disrespected like that. She wouldn’t want anyone to look at him as LESS THAN.

But this is also that man’s fault, because a lot of men who get cheated on don’t really understand what it means to be loved by a woman.

They think love is basically a woman who controls her emotions. Therefore they end up in relationships with women who are not very passionate about them. They call in emotionally unavailable women, who simply don’t care.

You know why? Because what men care about is who THEY love. It’s not about who loves them.  

Ohhhh, Catch22.

And when a woman does love him, he more than likely finds her to be weird or crazy, so he ultimately teaches her to care less, because he wants her to be less emotional… He would consider that BALANCE. 

Most men don’t know what love is, because a woman has never truly loved them.