A real woman can still get caught in some real b.s.

by | Love & Relationships

The term “real woman” is used quite often, and women are often blamed for their relationships. 

But my oh my how people miss the men who tell lies. A real woman needs a real man.

Many a woman has found herself in a relationship with a man who is married, in a whole other relationship and just outright living a damn lie.

By the time she finds out, she’s deeply in love. 

But look here Sis. There were signs. You cut him too much damn slack.  You were okay with him being “busy.” You make it okay for him to not take your calls.  You made it easy, by ignoring the signs. You didn’t want to come off as difficult, needy or untrusting…

He told you that you were tripping.

You wanted to trust him, even though he gave your clear signs that he’s not super crazy about you. 

You wanted him to feel that you’re easy going and easy to get along with.

Would you like to know the signs of a good man and how to keep a man from cheating on you?  Would you like to stop attracting low vibe men, and attract a brilliant high value man, who is committed to you?