Men actually do have a lot of fear when it comes to LOVE

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Men have a lot of fears, a lot of thoughts an a lot of ideas.
Men fear that they won’t be accepted for the man they are today. 
They fear falling in love with the wrong woman. They fear getting their heart broke. 
Men have many fears that people often don’t realize. 
Some men have fear deeper than others, due to their disconnection from the source. 
When men want a lot of women, it’s because they don’t understand love and purpose.
Men aren’t taught how to cultivate love.
Sexual fulfillment is most important to the average man; often leading men into lust.
With social media, sex and beauty is everywhere. It’s the more the better and the merrier.  
Men get so off track, by chasing the abundance of women, constantly looking for better in the physical, but not the spiritual. 
Men get so confused, off track and after often unable to spot a woman’s worth.
It’s the more the better. And if she’s not with it, he moves on to ruin the next woman’s life. Cause if she won’t put up with his phuckery, Miss Pick Me Anna Marie will.   Anna can’t stand those fancy, bourgeoise, high maintenance chicks anyway.  She doesn’t understand why men would choose such difficult women. She thinks men should choose her, the easy, down to earth, simple one with no standards. 
Discipline must be a great part of a King’s routine.
Lack of discipline doesn’t lead to saying I DO.
Even when some get married, they can’t commit to one, because they don’t understand commitment.

It’s up to a woman not to swerve left or swerve right, but to stand in her power, and be valued.

Men are taught that if they love, they are weak.  So they run away from love.  They often don’t know how to love.  The sweet little boy inside him is on a mission to prove himself, his worth and be strong. 
That little boy was told to stop crying, to stop being sensitive, to toughen up, and not complain.   He was taught to bottle up his emotions and take it like a man.  He was told being hard core and toughness is what makes him a man.  He yearns for a woman who will bring balance to his feminine and his masculine.
Therefore he’s unable to get in tune with a woman’s true feminine essence. Femininity isn’t something he can appreciate. Her nurturing softness is something he thinks he is due, instead of understanding that he is being given a gift of life everlasting.

Disconnected men keep dating multiple women…. searching, seeking looking, desiring, luring, being hurt, and refusing to heal. 

Men are sensitive. They too have had their heart broken a time or two. It’s usually one time and they say “No More!”  
Some even find the captain of the Beta men on Youtube, start listening to the so called “Winning techniques” that are played out on masculine women.   These men become the b*tches who want gifts, to be nurtured, pampered, doted upon, with no room to love a woman as God would. 
To find love, a man has to venture out on his own, far away from societal beliefs.  He has to go deep into his heart, sing a lullaby to his wounds, deeply and invigoratingly love himself, in order to quench the thirst of lust that may consume him. He must birth anew.  A new man with plans to prosper his woman in every way. A new man who desires to make love to not only her physical body, but her mind, her heart and her soul.  He has to be ready to astral travel to other realms.
He has to thirst to taste her. Taste the berries that lay deep into her flesh, lead by the invisible strings of light that align the soul. Seeing her soul and becoming one with her, is the one thing that will quench his thirst. 
He has to be ready ready to leave those other girls alone, for her.


Being inside of her starts to mean something else to him. He can now fill her with love, hope and joy. His hands can now bring prosperity to her. Her aura, her magic and her power reveals itself as he pulls back each of her succulent layers to access the throb in her that yearns for the masculine counterpart there to awaken here senses into deep submission.
It’s a pleasure that only a God King may enjoy. The pleasure of a powerful woman in deep surrender to HIM. 
She can’t surrender to him, until he surrenders to the call in himself. The call to rise and go higher. Higher than he’s ever been. Nakedness then becomes true glory and not just a story of another notch conquered. 
While the rest are often caught trying to fix their inner issues with a bad b*tch, and run straight into a savage that isn’t here to play any games.  She gives him a wake up call.  
She’s Goddess Unleashed. 
Hi Rihanna
A King must choose to ignore the loud, distracting societal beliefs. He has to lock in with one woman and go within, time and time again. Deeper into her. Deeper into himself. 
He must make it pour rain so wet, that it nourishes and entire rain forest.  A wetness that births exotic flowers and beautiful trees bearing tropical fruits. 
My oh my the things a God King builds when he’s focused and purposed on honoring his divinity.  Only HE is fit for a Goddess Queen. 
Men…. That immature little boy has not learned how to deal with the barrage of emotions swaying through him, mesmerizing his mind. He won’t bite the sweet fruit. 
Men fear being vulnerable.  They are easily hurt.
Women are emotionally stronger.  
Men are men.
Men suppress love and feed on lust.  They don’t know to go the other way. They have excuses.  So many excuses…. An excuse for why he treats Susan like this, and Stacey like that, an excuse for why he doesn’t honor himself. An excuse for why he hasn’t transcended his lust.  An excuse for why he deems that life so much fun, while knowing, he’s missing love. 

Good men master love. 

Good men work with me to become an amazing, high value man that a beautiful, brilliant, divine woman can be proud of him. 
The rest stay chasing……….wasting their time. 
Even though men have fear, you can’t feel sympathy for him.
You can only have empathy for him, and allowing him room to choose to rise and greet you. 
You can’t do this work for him. He must choose to be King and follow your breadcrumbs. 
He must choose to master your heart, body, mind and soul. He must choose to go deeply into you, so that you feel safe with him. 
queen beyonce crown
Sis, he has to earn that crown you want to give him.