Men, please stop asking women out on $5 Coffee first dates

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Before a man dates a woman, he should get a rundown of what she’s accustomed to. Queen Elizabeth is not going to get dressed in her royal garments just to meet you at Starbucks for a $5 coffee first date. Neither would Oprah or Beyonce. Neither would you expect them to.
So why not go after a woman that you have that same amount of respect for? Why would you ask a woman on a date with whom you’re not excited by? You couldn’t possibly be excited by a woman you’re asking out on a coffee 1st date. You can’t even see her. You only see of her. Each time the problem isn’t a woman. As a man it’s important to reevaluate your dating moves and look within. You must have discernment. If women have gotten over on you in the past reflect on what attracted you to her. Some women are also built already. They don’t come to prove anything to anyone. You can’t expect her to be less for you. You can’t push your low expectations off on every woman you meet. Why aren’t you expectations higher? Why are you so afraid to get your hopes up? Why is fear running you?
Truthfully you wouldn’t even want a man taking your mama out on a $5 coffee date. You would hope a man would take her some place nice. People say they want to get to know people and feel them in person, but I promise you the connection is the same over the phone. The connection is energetic.
A lot of men are used to dating women with basic mindsets. You can’t expect the Queen to step off her throne and come down to your level, due to your own past fears, and due to you not understanding how to hop on the phone and form a soul connection.
I’m a woman and if I were to take a man out for a first date, I would take him some place interesting. Especially if I know he’s going to be dressed in a suit with diamond cufflinks, a Breitling watch, some Ferragamos, a sparkling smile and some good smelling cologne. That’s respect. I appreciate such a King’s presence and his effort in taking care of his appearance and showing up in a way that puts a smile on my face. But see that’s just me moving at my own level and status. I have gratitude for people. In the past, that’s also probably why I didn’t care about taking boyfriends out to expensive dinners. (Ladies, most men don’t appreciate stuff like that. Just so you know. Do it at your own risk)
A man would faire a lot better if he simply figured out what he wants and how to get it.
I’ve turned down dates with celebrity men who I knew were worth $50+ Million because he didn’t come at me properly. I’ve also met celebrity men who I didn’t really care about his money and fame, but when I really talked to them and realized his level of intelligence and consciousness THEN I became enamored and fascinated or excited by him. 
I often speak for boss chicks, because men don’t understand our type. We like nice sh*t which is why we make our own money. We also aren’t into just dating a man just because he can provide. We’re not into using people, which is why we work so hard. A boss chick simply wants a really dope man, because she’s dope. She pulls off the impossible on any given day. 
One group of man says she’s too assertive, the other group feels insecure cause he can’t provide for her. If she goes 50/50 that ends badly most times.  Oh, and don’t let her have an online business and be Queen Bee on social media. Then men think WOW! She’s aggressive. She doesn’t know how to cater to a man.  Or they think she’s not feminine. And to me common sense says if that pipe is right she’s going to turn feminine pretty fast. 
As to a coffee first date I’m turning that down and moving on immediately.  Such a man doesn’t have the codes to get me to fall in love with him. Nor am I what he’s looking for.  He’s simply not going to put in enough effort. His mind isn’t creative enough for me.  We aren’t equally yoked in genius or passion, 
Everyone isn’t on earth to waste time. Every girl doesn’t get glitter in her eyes over your status alone. Just like men tell women to work on themselves to become better mates, men could definitely use some Charm School Knowledge.
Life is love. You are absolutely not going to be the best mate for a dope chick if you start off from day one trying to play her short.
So many men these days want women to be easy, breezy and basic, then you wonder why it’s so easy for the next man to get in her ear and take her from you with very little effort. You should be such a good, amazing man that it’s damn there impossible for another man to snatch your girl. 

Maybe I’m just loyal AF, but when I was in relationships, other men couldn’t hold a candle to the man I was with. I simply don’t get into relationships with whack dudes. 
As a man it’s important that you love yourself enough to know what you want in a woman and do what it takes to make it happen. Please don’t be a man who is adding to the narrative of telling women to accept less.  It’s not even that hard to keep a woman happy. It just takes a man who cares enough about love. 
Choose to be phenomenal in work, in life and in love.

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