I found myself watching a Youtube video today and I wondered to myself if men actually know how to love.

Most black female dating coaches at this point have encountered by content and have shifted to speak more highly to women. They stopped telling women that it’s their fault they attract the men they do.  You know why? Because it takes a badd azz chick like me to admit truths.  I know that honey attracts everything, and amazing women who do amazing things, attract EVERYONE.  Rich men attract EVERYONE.  Amazing people must keep their borders closed and only open it to high value people who match their frequency.  Because just about everyone wants to get into a light, love and wealth party. It’s like partying in the VIP, at a hot Las Vegas night club.

But I don’t think many people in this world know how to love. Mainly men.  I see men on YouTube who claim to be HIGH VALUE, and I am sure they are “high value” to non-spiritual women.  But to a spiritual black woman, a high value man takes on a totally different definition.

Spiritual black girls seek men who live from the heart.  Today I was reminded of just how rare such men are.  Yet at times men are men. Even a man who lives from his heart, chances are doesn’t know how to love, nor does he have great value for love.

One of my male friends reminded me today that the kind of love that I seek is one in a billion. I realize that. I truly do, but I simply can’t settle for anything less than divine love.

I know the massive businesses I could build with a man of whom we had a business relationship of romance and marriage.  But I can’t. I can’t except anything other than true love.  We talk about money a lot on this earth, but not even money compares to true love. And those who have both money and true love, have found the keys to life.

Because that only comes when you have God deep in your heart.

But as a person who hasn’t been sheltered and has a good amount of dating experience, I know that men really don’t value love. And because they don’t value it, most don’t know how to love.  Men want respect so badly that quite often they go without experiencing real love.

I’ve met amazing people on their spiritual healing journey, and those people have developed neat little lists to deal with other humans. But on that list there is not one place that says HOW TO LOVE.

People have one list of what they want. Then they have another of what they don’t want and what they won’t accept. And unfortunately they completely live by the don’t want list in order to protect themselves… The fear list.

But at some point, if a person truly seeks to obtain love, then they need to live off a list called LOVE.