Why is it so hard to find someone that likes me as much as I like them?

by | Dating, Love & Relationships

A man asked me this question today. “Do we ever find someone who likes us as much as we like them?”
This questions has two dimensions.

1. Someone will always like the other person more. Rarely ever is it even.

2.:Yes, but the problem comes when those two people finally meet, they tend to forget how hard it was, or how long it took to meet a mutual match.

When most people meet there is nothing there. No chemistry, no feeling, no nothing.  Then oftentimes when they least expect it, they meet a match. A FEELING hits them. They feel a sort of CONNECTION.

They say “lets be friends” and allow the connection to go into the friend zone. 

Other times they meet the most beautiful connection and one or both starts trying to see what’s wrong with the other, while secretly HOPING for perfection.  That’s totally counter-productive.  As each will eventually start taking the connection for granted.
So then they go back out into the world searching. Then they meet another aligned soul. Once again they forget how it was before and start focusing on the perceived bad of a person. Rarely does anyone ever say “Hey. Let’s see how we can nurture and grow our LOVE.” 
The world completely underestimates the FEELING of LOVE and the value of it. They try to making loving relationships with people who they don’t really FEEL love towards. But they don’t know this, because most people have never experienced real love. So it’s not like they know what they are missing or searching for. They are just doing things while hoping for some happily ever after.
High value people have this belief that love is everywhere and easily accessible. It is. But not the deep, soulmate connection you seek.

I love almost everyone. But that’s in limited amounts. The deep love that I can share with anyone, will only be shared with special ones who are able to receive it. 

I have a very high value for love, but in a world where most people don’t value love, I am a weirdo. Humans actually believe that the humans who seek love are weak.  The whole world almost tells you to focus on yourself and more self-love over seeking out a mate.  Yet, most people in the world aren’t rich.

You know who is rapidly acquiring wealth? Couples who are in love.  Money is LOVE.

Souls who are truly love attract everyone. But everyone isn’t love and people love at their own capacity. Add consciousness, and you’ve separated yourself even more.
When you meet an aligned connection, appreciate each other and don’t take the connection for granted. That’s how you maintain love.
Even when it comes to the light and love community, most of them are actual void of real love. Love appears to be something that only so few souls experience, due to people’s disconnection from God.
Very few people in this world have truly experienced divine love.
Those who have, love immensely, in ways most humans will never be able to grasp.
There’s levels to everything. Love yourself enough to obtain the love that you deserve.