Can men be friends with women?

This year I discovered something that I wish I’d knew a long time ago.

Your male friends are not your friends.  I mean they can be, but most of them are not.

I HAD this bad habit of meeting men and ushering them ALL into the “friendship” category, unless they state otherwise right away.

If a man thinks he’s going to date me and be “friends” first he has another thing coming.

Here is why.  My mistake was I required LESS of my male friends and gave them more time, more love, and more of my authentic self, MUCH FASTER, than I would give to a man of whom I wished to marry.  So because of that, my male friends although GREAT men who definitely treat me better than most women will be treated in their entire lives, were not good ENOUGH to be considered as my man.


But because they were given close access to me, they were playing a game, not knowing that I wasn’t playing the game with them. (You are always playing the game as long as men are around you.)

I once had a male friend tell me that he was dating 5 women and that I was his top pick.  🤣 While he told me this we were on a fancy smancy dinner date in Vegas.  I was like “I didn’t know that we were dating. I am not in the running sweetie.”

Let me tell you something. I CALCULATE ALL MONIES SPENT ON ME. Only spending money taking me out to dinner, does not count as boyfriend/husband material. My husband would ball out on me in every way.

So if a man isn’t balling out on me, I know that I’m not his dream girl, and I’m okay with that. That means he’s not my type.    Men get from me what they put into me.

When you meet men, realize they want to date you, and treat them as such.