Married Woman Finds Her Power & Becomes A Millionaire

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It’s easy for a married woman to lose yourself. Finding your power, your source and your center is a must.

You’re sitting at home, being a good mom, a good wife, serving your husband and forgot all about yourself. You forget who you are.

Baby, you came here to do more than open your legs, cook, clean, open your legs and have kids.

That’s why your brain is so remarkable. 🧠 Heck even the brain you give is on point. 😜

Right now, You’re screaming for help, wanting to relax, to have more, be more, yet to relax and do less.

You have sacrificed your whole life and failed to PLEASE YOU. 😛

You see so many single women free. 🦋

It’s time to take charge of your femininity, breathe, feel safe, find your voice, communicate your needs to him and manifest a better life.

A man can only give you so much, when you’re not giving him the proper vision.

Good men seek to lead you to your place of happiness. They watch you and often seamlessly guide you to that place…. Where you are luminescent and feeling really good.

Many beautiful single women often attempt to forego men without healing deep inner wounds. You believe detachment from men is the answer.

Other women love men and believe that being a pick me will grant you your souls desires…. It won’t.

Lots of Pretty women believe nothing is wrong with them, but can put out sour patch energy that even feminine women can pick up on. Those tend to be the competitive single women…

Than you have the beautiful feminine women who want to be someone else, instead of their beautiful amazing selves. Men love them, but don’t latch on because they don’t know their authentic highest self. (Real Goddesses must deeply love YOUR own identity.

Self-Love is a full time job baby! Healing your femininity, gaining the confidence to find your voice, feeling your connectedness to the source of the universe, feeling sexy, embracing the incredible, allowing expansive love to flow from within you, overflowing with joy, and drawing men/your partner deep into the enchantment of love with you, is such an amazing experience.

There are two worlds going on. One where women are tapping into healing, expressing deep femininity, and becoming master manifestors of cash and love. Those are the women who will also Phuck a man silly because her soul is so free to seduce and conquer his desires. Body and mind surrendered.

Then you have the other women that keep talking, going in circles, not choosing and being lost.

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