Inconsistency in a relationship is abuse. It’s a sign that he really doesn’t want you. The fact that you stay means you like abusing YOURSELF. #kissysaid

#Men: Chances are she’s inconsistent cause she has mental issues/past unhealed trauma or you show signs that make her pull back. If a man is choosing the ONE chick that’s completely not into him, get a divine relationship coach to heal you.

Basic chicks waste time with men they don’t like. You’re good target practice…. Beautiful, successful women do not. They invest time into men THEY want.

Therefore there is no point of a man dealing with a smart, analytical, intuitive, attractive women unless you came to do right by her and HAVE A PLAN for her. (Spiritual women are wise…)

She’s going to sense that something isn’t right with you, if your heart isn’t aligned with truth to prosper HER. If she’s healed NO she’s not going to sit around trying to figure out which game you’re playing today.

🛑 Men hate arguing. Women hate mind games.

NO, the divine feminine is not going to come closer to see and go deeper into the abyss. Clearly she can see the black hole 🕳 that lies where YOUR heart used to be.

While women are responsible for staying in their femininity, many men keep women in their head with the mind games you play. It confuses her EMOTIONS.

When a woman is living from her heart, the last thing she needs is a man who causes her to overthink. As if she doesn’t THINK enough already. 🧠 You are there to help her feel safe to LIVE in the moment.

❤️ A woman shouldn’t have to overthink when it comes to you. You must love her deeply enough that she KNOWS and FEELS the desire to submit with every fiber of her being.

A woman should feel FREE to feel JOY around a man. Not just when she’s riding on top of you.

💖 And you women have to stop letting men damage you. It’s your life at the end of the day.

YES men will smother your life and light IF YOU LET THEM. 💡 They don’t care. It’s not even intentional. No one taught them how to treat a woman right.

You let these men damage you for FREE99 at that. That’s so NOT high value.

Meanwhile, a good man would’ve loved you, made your light brighter, and provided for you. That relationship would FEEL HEALTHY to you.

It feels good to be so divine that you only attract the warmth of a real divine masculine man.

That’s why so many of you women don’t want to have sex. Truth is you are tired of letting broken men use your body, frustrate you, lie to you, and drain you for everything you have, while telling you how much you suck. It’s always the dude who hasnt even given you $100 that complains about you…..

👉😘💋 Woman BE A BOSS. Take charge of your feminine LIFE. Join Goddess Unleashed to magically change your energy and attract a real man who will run circles around these other dudes.

Stop sitting around being hurt.

Catch international flights ✈️ Not negative feelings on a flight by yourself.

Find yourself in the presence of a King. 👑 Period.

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