A man doesn’t want to see his woman in Pokemon pajamas when he comes home

by | Love & Relationships

We’re talking specifically a particular kind of good man. The high value kind, that all of the smart women want. 🤣
What’s funny is that all society talks about these days is what the woman wants, and that’s like SUPER important.  But how do you expect a man to be superman, if HIS needs aren’t important?
They say forget about the other person’s needs and just put yours first always. And that’s a good thing, but sometimes there could still be a better way.  When everyone is focused on SELFish, there is no need to get along.
There’s a unique balance between love and self-love.  LOVE is easy. Self-Love is harder.  You have to want everything that you want for others, for you too.

Take some time to breathe in your own transformation, and breathe in peace.

They say God is a woman. But here’s the thing, God is a man, IF you are a woman. God is a woman, IF you are a man.
This is why humans need each other. The Gods & The Goddesses need each other at their specific divine level. These are the roles you are called to play. Therefore the  journey can’t be accomplished alone. It won’t. It’s a divine sacred partnership. The kind worth healing for. 
HEALING is a very important part of the journey. You shaint try to hop around and skip it darling.

Incase no one has told you in a while, you are amazing, talented and beautiful. The whole world should take a peak at you.   I see you divine ones.