When you build men up, they leave you for another woman

by | Love & Relationships

Building a man up is something that’s done on great amounts of love by heart-centered women who seek to put their man in position of being a King.

The only problem? Once he’s built up, he resents the pressure she put on him to become more. He resents the help she gave him, while looking at him like he wasn’t capable of doing it on his own.

When he’s finally in that energetic place of self-love and abundance, when he finally feels the God within himself, quite often he usually goes to get another woman whom he deems as better than you. He even provides for her and does the things you felt like he wouldn’t or was incapable of doing for you. Like paying all of the bills.

WHY? Because she only sees the new him. She doesn’t know about the man you felt you “had” to build up. She speaks to him like the King he is today.  You’ve created HER King for her.

And he sees this new woman as EVERYTHING that you weren’t. He talks bad about you…… You don’t get that credit that you were seeking.

Men often call women gold diggers. But the truth is the average man is a energetic gold digger. They will suck all of a woman’s energy up, until she’s depleted and then move on to the next woman.

Build a man up at your own risk.

If you’re the type of woman that knows you love pouring your love into a man and motivating him, then it’s best to get a man who really doesn’t need you for anything.

Motivating him will stretch you and grow you.  He will cause you to focus on YOURSELF.

That thing you were supposed to be doing in the first place. 

Men leave women who neglect to put themselves first.

Have you experienced men leaving you, after you’ve built them up?  Are you feeling confused and don’t know what went wrong?

God is trying to heal you.

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