LeToya Luckett’s husband CHEATING on her is why boss chicks shouldn’t marry unequal men

by | Celebrity LOVE

According to The Shade Room, LeToya Luckett‘s husband Tommi Walker is out here cheating on her, embarrassing a PREGNANT boss chick, by sleeping around with Instagram models.

Of course he responded and blamed the devil. SMH.

LeToya better go get my new book, while she’s walking around begging for her husband’s attention; while he storms off to Dallas to hang out with other women. —>

I have major disdain for any man who prefers to cheat, instead of focusing on on bringing in millions of dollars. Chances are, he couldn’t have Toya $1 Million dollars right now if she asked him. Which means he can’t afford to cheat.   Cheating is a rich man’s sport.

As for women, it better to work on YOURSELF and get with a Boss King of divine things. You know, a man who loves you enough to at least not embarrass you like Tommy just did to Toya.. There are internet couples making more money online than LeToya and her husband put together, cause she married a man who isn’t with the plan.

Yet LeToya is the one with the fame.

Women have to think about these men you WIFE.

Here is the thing, LOTS of women get cheated on, but a feisty, attractive, popular boss chick who has done great things with her life, can almost guarantee that she’ll be cheated on if she marries a man weaker than her.

What’s weaker than a woman:

A man with less money than her. In the bible it says BE YE EQUALLY YOKED. Which means boss chicks need to marry a man with equal AMBITION.

Women want to get married so badly. It’s not worth marrying these men who ain’t on their bag. It’s just not. Their egos keep them from even understanding how to utilize their marriage to accrue WEALTH.

It’s disappointing as a woman for your man to be off worried about his ego and his penis, instead of securing the bag and acquiring wealth.

Letoya is on tv and has been connected to Beyonce. She could’ve married just about any man, but she chose to marry a man who chooses to embarrass her.

It’s simply better for a strong boss to to do the work on herself and learn how to deal with a real King. When average men marry celebrity women, or 6-7 Figures boss chicks, most times they fight for POWER in the relationship, and the only way to get it, is by cheating with another woman or becoming a multi-million dollar King.

Marrying a man with no money, is often just an escape from working on your femininity.

I mean seriously, LeToya’s life has become a television show for people to see how she’s failing in marriage.

I know that could’ve have been Toya’s goal in life. But that is what it becomes when women refuse to do the work on themselves to get an equally yolked man.

Cause one thing I noticed about black men who have gotten to the bag, is that they really aren’t taking much ish off of a woman, and a woman has to know how to cater to him.

Either way, settling for less simply doesn’t work out for boss chicks. Even more, it’s not worth the pain of realizing that man of your dreams just took your trust, tossed it in the trash, and broke your heart in two.

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