Both SUCCESS and Happiness is a choice to deeply love yourself.  You can not have one without the other.

It’s a choice to be disciplined in a certain kind of way of your being.

Like simply being honest about what you came here for and what lights you up.

Your happiness starts right now, in this present moment, exactly where you are right now.

Whether you are 63, 33, or 17, this means the past is gone and you only have the now. You are on the path of dream life and here to enjoy the planet.

You are not here to self-sacrifice yourself for others.

That means you are wealthy. If you’re not wealthy, you are in a blocked place of abundance. You have not because you ask not. You want a lot but are you expecting A LOT.  It’s like wanting to open up a car dealership but you only have one car and you keep accepting that, when Lord knows you need multiple cars and a lot to run a respectable, successful car dealership.

What stopping you from having A LOT OF CARS for sale?

Today is your day to show up as the new you. Do NOT take the old version of yourself with you. Let them go. They did what they could and got you thus far.

This new you requires a different level of faith, action, desire, belief, boldness and acceptance.

This one requires the audacity to be mthfkn rich, healthy, and wealthy right now.

God showed me today how everyone is running towards this invisible place.

But the proper place is where you are right now, in this moment. You have the power to call whatever you desire to you.

A very beautiful portal is open to you now. The one Abraham always spoke to Esther about. The one where all of your good is stored up

Some of you can feel it, some people can’t. If you can’t keep doing the work or get a mentor. For those who can feel it, your time is now, the moment you waited for. All signs point to YES. The doors are open for miracles.

What miracles are you expecting in the next 30 Days?

Can you feel the words of the frequency?

Is the vision super clear?

Chances are it always was, and you were waiting till everything matched up and aligned properly, instead of DECIDING to let God go ahead of you and do his thing, as he foretold in Malachi 3:1 and Mark 1:3… This time the portal is a bit wider and a bit brighter.  God wants you to SEE it so that you walk in today.

How do you know it’s your time? Usually you pack huge suitcases, 🧳 containers and other heavy items.

You may even pack a few memories. A little bit of pain and a little bit of joy.

This time it’s VIP. That means you’ll need space. Period.

So God has taken some things and people out of your life. Now you can make decisions easier without overthinking.

You have less negative energy, less limited beliefs, less control issues, less health issues, less discipline issues, less overthinking,  less doubt, less fear, less pain, and you sin against yourself less.

You have already become more and will continue to be.

This is the moment you have prepared for.  You are worthy.

Things are now easier for you. You are heavy in the game. You put in the work.

Yes. I am talking to you.

God has made your paths smooth and straight.  He had to. The King must always look good and make space for himself.

In the past, you tried to go at it alone. Praise God Hallelujah that you woke up from that.

The heavenly realm and all of your guardian angels appreciate you and are assisting you in accessing your next level NOW.

Stay focused on your alignment.

We are proud of you.

God loves you.

You are loved. 💖✨🙏

Stay prayed up. It works, just like you do. 😜

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It comes when it’s YOU being YOU, and not a moment before .

I help you feel good enough for that vortex to open now.  You don’t have to wait for a vortex to appear. You can always create your own.

When you stop focusing on what is missing, you will receive all of those things, plus more by understanding that God has already delivert! Next!

Listen, everyone is where they are on their/your particular journey. There is always someone available on the same path.

It’s okay to work on worthiness of allowing love in NOW, in this moment.

Dream Life starts now.

God provides at all times. Know your numbers.

One mustn’t be the kind who knows the price of everything and the cost of nothing.

Oscar Wilde once said that “A fool is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing“.

You deserve God’s help now in being the person who attracts great love and abundance into your life, in ways you’ve never imagined.

Expansion! Let’s go into the unknown.