The Manifestation Secret Garden

In The Next Year You Could Manifest Your Next Level Of Dream Life

Up until now, you’ve been living someone else’s version of your Dream Life.

You came for JOY, to experience life abundantly, to live lavishly, without harming a soul.

So far you are constantly doing everything for others. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO FOR YOU.

In 1 Year You Could Manifest the Life of YOUR Dreams

In 1 Year You Could Be So Happy that you’re grateful for all of your life experiences and realize everything truly did happen for a reason that allows you to now serve yourself graciously, without guilt and self-sacrifice. You already serve the world just by being you and constantly giving from your heart.

In 1 Year You could be the Baddest Chick To Walk In Any Room or The KING they all want to talk to and know who you are. 


In 1 Year You could have thousands of followers who LOVE to buy from you.

In 1 Year You could BECOME everything you ever wanted to be. The highly successful, happy version of you that  travels the world, being you, LIVING life exactly the way you dreamed it. 


To get to say OF COURSE it was always going to be this way. 

How could it not. You are chosen. 

The Masterpiece Tribe presents a whole new level of winning! 

For Those who refuse to accept less than you deserve. 


For those who came to have it all.

A beautiful blueprint to manifesting a bold, zero phucks given voice, while no longer people pleasing and selling from the heart. 

A successful business that creates international impact, and influence. Having more time to spend with your family and friends. 

To be a celebrity at the top of your field. To make all of the money you desire, feel successful and leave a legacy in the world.

All while traveling the world and building a legacy with your divine, sacred soulmate.

An Experience For Those Who Came To Do Life VIP


manifest your dream life TODAY!

“You’ll only get as far in life as the 5 people you spend the most time with.” ~ WILL SMITH

Being a part of a supportive group of high-vibe, like-minded entrepreneurs who  encourage you and support you in your dreams and goals is a MUST. 

I know you’re tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, constantly overthinking and deeply wanting to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Chances are, you suffer from perfectionism, procrastination, working too much, and prioritizing everything and everyone except yourself. 

Enough of that. 

Join us and get the confidence to put yourself first and start living the life of your dreams now. 

Inside The Manifestation secret garden you will cultivate beautiful relationships, attracts high ticket clients and to simply BE HAPPY. 

It feels so good to vibrate on a higher frequency.



Time to harness your gifts, create boundaries, build your online community, magnetically attract your tribe, improve your  communication skills, get healing, attract more love, receiving from the feminine and manifest your next level. 

You are already productive and get things done. Why not have more FUN?

Everything happens for a reason. God has better for you.  You finding this tribe is not a coincidence.


The Manifestation Secret Garden offers:

Amazing support

Bi-Weekly healing & strategy meetings to rapidly create the life of your dreams, one goal at a time.

Business Strategy

Authentic Business Strategies, Marketing, Messaging & Systems that allow you to scale and receive more unexpected money.

Confidence & Clarity

Advanced Mindset shifts that help you develop Unstoppable Confidence and trust your intuition.

Spiritual Connection

Establish a closer connection to God and spiritually evolve into your highest self.


All this awesomeness could be yours to experience at an awesome price, for a limited time period.


Brand Strategy

Clarity, CONFIDENCE & social media strategy to build your million dollar brand.

High Vibe Tribe

Network with high vibe, attractive, wealth conscious manifestors.


Spiritual healing and ascension to embody the miracle frequency that 10x your manifestations.

Hot Seat Coaching

Get answers to your questions FAST.

Divine Feminine Healing

Healing to rewrite limited beliefs.

Relationship Coaching

Advanced techniques to manifest a high value relationship or improve your current one. This includes your sex life.

Yearly Membership Benefits

You can go your whole life unaligned, overwhelmed, not trusting, confused, tired, drained, stuck, afraid of your own light, not having clarity, lacking strategy, not making the money you desire, not having a support system, or you can join The Masterpiece Tribe and catch a rapid shift of confidence, love, expansion, clarity and divinity.

Deep Self-Love

Quantum Leaping Your Manifestations by truly loving yourself and not just saying it.

Soul Aligned Community Building

Build a strong, supportive following that grows with you, and loves to buy from you.

Wealth Energetics

Learn how to raise your prices, manage your finances, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the most feminine way.

Unstoppable Confidence

Imagine being confident enough to create masculine security and move in feminine flow and let things come to you.

Content Marketing

Learn sales skills, content creation and strategy that attracts a soul aligned audience.

Soulmate Love

Develop deeply loving relationships that thrive in conscious communication and Emotional relating.

soulmate manifestation

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have time for this?

All classes are recorded live. If you miss a class you can watch it later, by logging into the membership dashboard..

Will I get individual help with my funnels, strategy, content, business and relationship questions?

Yes, The Masterpiece Tribe is full of brilliant, successful, beautiful entrepreneurs who will support you and give you feedback, in addition to receiving Kissy’s guidance.

What do I need to open the files ?

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Is this a lot of work?

That depends on how willing you are to simplify your life, start loving on yourself, and being kind to yourself. 

Is loving yourself too much work for you?

How long is it?

This is a one year container that gives you room to RELAX and grow into your next level of embodiment with ease and grace. 

Will this be fun?

Heck Yes. working with Kissy is SUPER FUN and life changing. Especially for introverts who never leave the house and don’t have any friends.

Do any of these describe you?


You’ve accomplished great success, but something simply doesn’t feel right. In your heart you know that God is calling you to be, do, and have more.


You’ve spent too much time working, and not enough time living?


You are full of magic, sparkles, fairy dust and utter brilliance.


You’re tired of attracting the same low-vibe, loveless experiences.


You have a dream for your life yet struggle to manifest it?


You have a light that you are ready to share with the world, if only you had a blueprint?


You are a natural encourager? But stuck in your own business?


You feel overwhelmed and unmotivated at times with all the moving parts of running your own business, emotional support and encouragement from like-minded souls would mean the world to you…


You’re tired of being a people pleaser and attracting people who never give to you…


You want to experience a beautiful, loving, healthy  relationship…


You  feel like your dream life is right there waiting for you…


You would love a step by step blueprint to live in your true purpose and manifest a deeper life of fulfillment…


You want to stop procrastinating and get sh*t done…


You desire to be a Leader, Have Authority, Influence & Impact lives all around the world…

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Because we want you to receive the most recent trainings as they evolve, you DO NOT receive access to the previously recorded programs. 

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Or until the next running of the program if it happens to run twice in your year.

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Life & Love is never the same after an experience like this…