Why Men Believe They Have A Ton of Options But Remain Single

by | Love & Relationships

Single men think they have so many OPTIONS.

In my opinion you’re either blind, dumb or lying. Cause what kind of man has a ton of great options and chooses to remain single and pass up on good women?

Most men do, and that does not make you SMART nor wise. It makes you an average male playing on the merry-go-round.

By the time men become 50-years-old in this day, most of the women they meet only like them for what they can provide.

When you pick a woman when you’re younger, you providing is only ONE of the reasons she likes you. She also chose you because she really digs you. If she didn’t dig you she would’ve used you up for a little while and moved on. She would not keep you.

What you men who have SO MANY OPTIONS are doing, is throwing away your chance to be cared about as a man.

That’s why women cheat on you. It’s because she doesn’t actually care about you.

This especially goes for men who are already not that good looking.

I met an older man the other day and everyone was asking for his autograph. He was macking on me like he was in his 30’s, in his prime and in his hay day.

He seemed to have no idea that his glory days were over. It took him quite some times to realize he couldn’t have me, nor a woman like me anymore.

Whatever he offered me was trinkets. I was not about to be seen with him.

He told me he’d been married several times and cheated on all of his wives and they all filed for divorce because of it.

You black men have the whole world at your feet, but quite often you’re stuck on how many beautiful fish are in the tank.

You rob yourself of wealth by doing this.

When you get a smart woman with a good heart, and you treat her right, you will attract wealth into your life. That’s the real SEA.